This Curvy Ladies Clothing Reviews article explains everything about the site and its merits. Read on to learn more.

Are you searching for the best clothing website online? You can’t find a website selling clothes for all sizes. This is the site for you. This site is where women can shop for all their clothes and other needs. This website was built in the United States.

This Curvy Ladies Clothing review will discuss the website in detail and give you more information about the site’s worthiness. For more information, please visit the blog. – What is it?

This is a unique online clothing store that’s specifically made for women. It is able to deal in clothing of all sizes. It has a wide selection of fashionable and trendy clothing for women. The site also has a measurement tool that allows you to choose the best cloth for your size.

Even though customers want to know Are Curvy Ladies Clothing Legit Before you lock any deal.

You can specify

  • URL of the
  • The Webportal Presence-22-11-2010
  • The Webportal’s Lapse date – 22/11-2024
  • Website Contact ID[email protected]
  • Place of Company Newark, CA 94560 USA
  • Contact for more information
  • The website’s founder is not available.
  • Delivery time – It takes between 8-10 working days for products to reach their customers.
  • Shipping free of charge: Products over $75 eligible for free shipping
  • Standard Shipping details Please follow Curvy Ladies Clothing Reviews for information on standard shipping.
  • Presence of Social Site Logo This logo is available on Facebook and Twitter as well as Instagram.
  • Customs Charge:Customs must be paid.
  • There is a 30-day return period.
  • Methods of Pay – Visa and Master Card.

Benefits from

  • It provided its email address for customer service enhancements.
  • It allows you to make payments in a variety of ways.
  • It is also available on several social media platforms.


  • It has not provided its phone number as a contact for any issue.
  • It does NOT share its founder name which is required by the web portal.

Is Curvy Ladies Clothing Legit Or Scam?

Before making any purchase from such websites, customers need to read every detail and confirm its legitimacy. These are just a few things to consider about the website’s credibility:

  • Site’s presence: The website was established on 22/11/2010.
  • Contact Details: No information is available on the website about their contact number.
  • Social media presence:It can be found on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Trust index Website has around 86% trust index
  • Site location:According Curvy Ladies Clothing Recommendationsthe website’s physical address is Newark, CA 94560 USA.
  • Copy of content rates: The web portal can copy 100% of content from any other web-portal.
  • Ranking by Alexa:The Alexa rank for this portal is around #1792364 at the global ranking website.
  • A refund method: The site will refund the order amount via the Buyer’s payment channel.
  • Products that are not refundable: Their webpage does not include information about Non-refundable items.
  • Order Cancellation Information: Your order can be cancelled before shipping.
  • Information about exchange products: There is no information on exchange items on the website.

Curvy Ladies’ Clothing Reviews:

While the website does not include any customer ratings or reviews to support its legitimacy, there are various social media logos that are present on the site. The Alexa Rank is however at #1792364. Customers should follow these instructions: Get Back Your Money from PayPal if You Are Scammed


Customers believe that the websites are very experienced in online marketing. The web portal’s trust scores are excellent. The site is lacking in customer reviews but has a social media presence.

This site appears to be legitimate and we would recommend it to any experienced buyer. You must also follow this Guide to Refund Credit Card Fraud.

Are you a victim to credit card fraud? Your Opinions.