Construction companies are making several buildings, such as apartments, offices, IT parks, stadiums, etc., have problems with their wireless network connectivity issues, and that will cause losing valuable customers. Operators are getting complaints from their customers as their wireless networks sometimes slow down or temporarily break down, and this poor network performance hampers their productivity or streaming experience. Comprehending such facts, construction companies are taking mobile network coverage seriously to provide high-speed, reliable, and portable onsite internet connectivity 4G/5G coverage to their customers.  So now let us see why are construction companies taking mobile network coverage with Reliable Mobile Network Monitoring Tools, Mobile Network Drive Test Tools, Mobile Network Testing Tools and Reliable RF drive test tools & equipment, RF tester software app & network LTE 4g tester seriously?

Now, the question comes, what are the pain points business buildings face due to network connection?

IT Parks, Hospitals:

Many office buildings such as IT parks, hospitals, etc., are facing productivity problems due to network connectivity issues like slow internet, unable to connect to the mobile network, unable to attend voice calls, poor voice quality, bad call quality, etc. Poor connectivity could lead to a drop in productivity among office employees, and to eliminate such issues, high speed and a stable internet wireless network is the foremost necessities for all types of business buildings.

Stadiums / Galleries:

Understanding the interest of the public towards the sports events, concerts, stand-up comedy shows, etc., several stadiums or galleries are now engaged to entertain people. So, special service/special coverage is required for the stadiums as lots of people come together to enjoy the events. A high-speed wireless network or high-capacity connectivity 4G/5G is a must for high-density venues such as stadiums, whether your audiences are trying to stream their live experience to social media, or you are willing to handle many concurrent users simultaneously. A disruptive or poor internet connection can spoil the watching experience for home audiences, as poor network speed will make it difficult for users to end up watching videos interrupted.  

Warehouses / Factories/Smart buildings:

High-speed internet connectivity (5G coverage) in the warehouses of the factories enables inventory tracking such as quantity and categories of stored products, shipping status, payment status, delivery status, etc. This will also help high-tech manufacturers to take advantage of the benefits of smart factories, warehouses, and supply chains – connected devices (IoT) allow manufacturing works within factories to reduce risk, increase efficiency, customize products, and cut costs. Therefore, excellent wireless network connectivity (Wi-fi and private network) should be a consideration from the earliest stages of the design of a new factory at the time of renovation. 

For the above-mentioned reasons, construction companies are more into indoor testing solutions during pre-construction as well as post-construction of the buildings for providing an excellent wireless network connectivity experience to their customers. In the pre-construction survey, network monitoring is carried out by visiting the existing site to check the network connectivity of the building where construction activities are about to begin. In the post-construction survey, network testing is conducted to provide information about the actual coverage of the indoors of the specified building, and a user experience and such survey are performed in those buildings which are already built to provide them with 4G/5G coverage solutions. 

For indoor solutions, construction companies/building owners are using network monitoring and testing tools such as RantCell, beneficial to perform walk tests in apartments, office buildings, hospitals, hostels, schools, and college houses. For 5G/4G coverage measurement for several such buildings, RantCell tool will help to know about the accurate measurement of user experience so that building owners will be able to provide their customers superb wireless connectivity.  During the indoor survey, RantCell use certain KPIs that include –

  • RSRP KPI statistics
  • RSRQ KPI statistics
  • SMS test, HTTP download test
  • Voice calls, SMS test, ping (latency) test
  • Dropped calls of 4G (LTE), 5G (NR)
  • PCI KPI statistics
  • LTESNR KPI statistics
  • Data speed (download speed test & upload speed test)
  • Wi-Fi and CDMA mobile network by performing the repetitive speed test


Nowadays, the internet is everything! We all are dependant on wireless communication technology for our day-to-day work, be it online shopping, managing business, or entertainment purposes. For this reason, construction companies should have considered wireless communication technology as a must-have factor while they are making buildings and providing their customers with mobile-friendly smart buildings.