There is a misconception that clothes lead to irritation in dogs. The fact is that an extra layer of cloth can offer your dog protection from UV radiation and sunburns. Just like humans, dogs need to be well dressed too. A designer dog clothes will protect your dog from the sun and heat and at the same time make it look stylish and cute.

When the weather begins to change and the temperature starts to warm up, it is essential to have in mind how you will dress your dog for summer. While making your dog appear cool, you also have to ensure it is comfortable at all times. Below are the top considerations to help you when planning how to dress your dog during summer:


Like humans, dogs can be sensitive to some materials too. Therefore, it is essential to ensure you are purchasing natural clothes that don’t cause any irritation. A good material should also be soft, lightweight, and breathable. One of the best fabrics to choose from for summer is cotton or linen. It doesn’t stick to your dog when there is heat and also dries quickly. You should always avoid any fabric that is thick or too heavy. It may make your dog overheat.

Size and Fit

Since there are different dog sizes, the garments also come in various sizes. Therefore, it is essential to have the right apparel for your dog to ensure it stays comfortable. Loose-fitting clothes are always the best option. They allow your dog to have good air circulation since they allow your dog’s skin to breathe. However, they mustn’t be too big. They may make them slip off or fall when they move around. When you want your dog to have a form-fitting look, ensure that the clothing is not too tight.


The most essential reason to dress your dog during summer is to offer it protection from UV radiation. There are parts of the dog’s skin, especially the face and the nose, that are much thinner than human skin. As a result, they become prone to sunburn and other skin conditions when exposed to UV rays. 

Covering your dog with clothes when spending time outdoors will help protect it from skin conditions. Therefore, it is essential to ensure you choose clothing that will protect your dog’s delicate skin from much exposure to extreme sun rays. You can as well apply sunscreen or any other protective balm before going outdoors.


The function that the clothing is going to serve is also another essential factor to consider when dressing your dog during summer. When looking for something that will keep your dog comfortable during the warm weather, it should be something cool and comfortable for the pet. When your main reason for dressing up is to offer protection, since you spend most of your time outdoors, search for UV rays protection items.


In conclusion, designer dog clothes play an undeniable role when it comes to pet welfare. When following the above factors, it is essential to put the comfort of your dog the priority. The above factors will help you to properly dress your dog during summer. As you aim at making your dog appear stylish and cool, the clothing also helps offer protection.