A good number of people have refused to buy into the HBOT thing because they cannot bring themselves to trust the product. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers have so many health benefits, yet it is still far from getting the kind of recognition it deserves. I understand if you don’t trust HBOT chambers for specific reasons. Many others share the same opinion. However, you must ask yourself if your position is justified. That is because HBOT is affecting lives positively around the globe. Those courageous enough to give it a trial have attested to its benefits. 

As such, this post will share some bold reasons why you can trust hyperbaric oxygen chambers today. 

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a therapy that uses pure oxygen to treat specific health problems. The user inhales the oxygen inside a pressurized chamber. HBOT’s efficacy is premised on the fact that it can drive oxygen through the user’s bloodstream at higher pressure. The maximum pressure is usually at a safe level of 2ATM or less, depending on the HBOT product. 

HBOT is not hazardous the way many people paint it. If you believe in regular oxygen therapy, then also believe in hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The latter is just an advanced form of the former. 

No Serious Side Effects

Several clinical practices have demonstrated how HBOT helps to speed up healing. Faster healing via HBOT is accomplished through the supply of extra oxygen to damaged tissues at a slightly higher pressure. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is generally regarded as a safe procedure. Only a few complications have been noticed by users. 

The side effects are minimal and should not bother you. Meanwhile, if you have any underlying health challenges, it will be best you discuss them with your medical advisors before using HBOT. NB: most side effects go away after a short while.

An Alternative to Fitness Routines

People embark on different activities to stay fit. They go through those fitness programs in their homes or at fitness centers. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a reliable alternative to regular fitness routines. HBOT is not just for curing certain ailments. It also helps you stay fit. Exercise routines help you stay fit because it enables more blood oxygen to be pumped into all parts of your body. The only difference is that the blood oxygen supply will be for a short period. 

HBOT ensures that you get as much oxygen as you please. All you need to do is enter the HBOT chamber. 


Some people are afraid of staying in crowded or small spaces. It is known as claustrophobia. The first set of hyperbaric chambers was known to trigger claustrophobia in some users. As a result, many people who feel the same way don’t want anything to do with HBOT chambers. 

HBOT chamber manufacturers noted such flaws and took steps to address them. That is why the newest hyperbaric chambers come with clear acrylic, so users can see what is happening outside. The HBOT units are transparent. 

Another alternative is to use OxyHelp’s multiplace oxygen chamber. This allows others inside the unit with a user. So, when you look at it critically, the monoplace and multiplace chambers have evolved to the point where they no longer trigger claustrophobic feelings. 

Benefits of HBOT and how to choose the best hyperbaric chamber for home use  – Film Daily

Low Blood Sugar

The subject of HBOT causing low blood sugar has also been a cause for concern for many. That is enough to trouble anybody. However, before you give yourself sleepless nights over this issue, you must understand those prone to such shortcomings. 

According to multiple findings, diabetics are the ones who experience low blood sugar after using the system. For such users, it is expedient that their glucose levels are monitored during their therapy sessions. 

People with such experiences are advised to eat before using the HBOT chamber. That way, maintenance of glucose levels will be sure, and post-treatment signs can be curbed. 


Feelings of lightheadedness or fatigue have also been reported by several HBOT chamber users. While this has not been reported by 100% of the users, HBOT treatment might result in fatigue or weakness. The feeling of weakness or fatigue is also known to go away after a while. 

But, if you still feel weak long after using the HBOT chamber, then you may want to speak with your healthcare professional. In such an instance, there could be a need for you to adjust the HBOT settings. 


Prospective users of HBOT chambers have also complained of oxygen poising as one of the reasons they can’t use the product. That sounds like a reasonable argument because exposure to a high concentration of oxygen for extended periods is unhealthy. 

When someone is exposed to such oxygen levels, problems like chest pains, breathing difficulty, and other related ailments could follow. 

Nonetheless, oxygen toxicity should be the last of your worries when using HBOT units. Using the chamber every day is not enough to cause oxygen toxicity. The issue of excess oxygen inside the chamber has been rarely reported. The only few cases must have been with maiden HBOT chambers. And as you may have rightly suspected, the HBOT technology has gotten better over the years. 


Do you trust conventional medicines and treatment methods? They also have side effects. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is no different. HBOT users have complained of mild side effects. The side effects are known to subside after a while too. Various factors contribute to how HBOT users feel during their therapy sessions. Other underlying health challenges could be responsible for the side effects users experience inside HBOT chambers. Hence, the best approach is to discuss with a health expert before using HBOT. Also, ensure that the product has the necessary approval from the respective medical society. In summary, it is safe to say that HBOT can be trusted.