Do you have a collection sports cards? Do you want to add to your collection? Do you exchange sports memorabilia with your buddies? If so, then you’ll be intrigued by websites that deal with cards of famous sportspeople.

In this article we’ve provided details about an online store for merchandise. People from a variety of countries particularly in the United States, would like to learn more about this site and its contests. So, check out this article for what you can about Backyard Breaks Review.

What is Backyard Breaks?

Backyard Breaks provides an internet-based shop which deals in trading cards for sports. The athletes who are featured on the cards usually are part of teams like the NBA (National Basketball Association) as well as the NFL (National Football League). The cost of the cards differ according to the rarity and the accomplishments of the athletes.

The portal also sells products of players, such as footballs, signed jerseys and other items. You can also watch live streams of games through the portal’s Facebook and Twitter channels.


  • Website Type Website Type An online online retailer that sells sporting trading cards as well as players merchandise items.
  • Website Address –
  • Phone Number and Contact Phone NumberConcerning The backyard break scam The physical address and phone number are not available.
  • E-mail Id – [email protected]
  • Sort by and Filter ByPresent
  • Social Media Linking –Present
  • Terms and Conditions of PrivacyMentioned
  • Shipping Information Shipping Details Orders in the United States take 3 to five working days. International deliveries take between 10 and 20 days.
  • Returns and RefundsReturning or refunding items is not possible.
  • Payment Methods Payment Methods – Not listed on the homepage.
  • Price of ProductsGiven as USD.


  • In some instances the team will offer raffles for the trading cards that customers may be able to enjoy. This is an important point about reviewing the Backyard Breaks reviews..
  • The group of members is actively involved in managing the social media channels of the website.


  • Most items are out of inventory. Only three items are in stock.
  • For the items that are in stock We were unable to add them into the shopping cart. This is a sign of poor design on the website.
  • The quick links , such as FAQs, and certain products are broken and fail to provide any results.
  • Live streaming doesn’t provide any information, regardless of the availability on calendar.
  • There is no area on the site that allows you to check the purchase.
  • The developers haven’t provided the contact information of the owner or the number of his phone.

Is Backyard Breaks Scam?

We gathered the information below to help clarify the authenticity of the website. Because of an upcoming giveaway that has prompted people to search for the legitimacy of this site. Please read the following information to know more about the authenticity of this website.

  • Portal Age –The website has been in operation for nine months when the developers first launched it on the 12th of April 2021.
  • Portal Trust Score –8 percent, which is an Very Bad Trust Index.
  • Alexa Rank:183,335 that’s an impressive grade. It shows that the website has been able to draw a lot of traffic in the past few months.
  • Customer Reviews Customer Reviews The website is not equipped with an area where users can write reviews for Backyard Breaks. Backyard Breaks reviews .
  • Social Media Connection –The website is linked with its various social media accounts across different channels. This includes Instagram, TikTok, WhatNot, YouTube, Twitter, Discord and Facebook. The team is proactive in managing these accounts and makes video content that is interactive.
  • Contact Information Contact Information Neither the contact number as well as the number for the contact is listed on the portal. A e-mail address is listed, however it’s generic and doesn’t belong to the domain that the website is hosted on.

The above issues offer unconclusive and mixed opinions on the site. Therefore, we are not able to affirm its authenticity since it’s relatively new.

Backyard Breaks Reviews

The website recently held an offer on the Twitch account. They pulled out a expensive card valued at $20,000, but declined to hand it over to the person who won the prize. The user then raised questions about the legitimacy of the website.

The portal’s team gave the winnings to a charity. In addition, the charity confirmed acceptance of the prize through social media. Nonetheless,


It is clear that the Backyard Breaks reviews aren’t enjoyable, particularly after the giveaway event. Additionally, the information we have gathered questions its legitimacy.