Weed Vape Pens

Marijuana has always been a fan favourite, be it for a quiet day or a loud party. With marijuana being legal across most states, new products are emerging in the market. The latest being marijuana vape pens. Vaping has become a new trend, with many cannabis enthusiasts turning to it for their daily dose of marijuana. But is it really safe to consume weed through vaping? Let’s take a look!

How to use weed vape pens?

Vape pens are slightly different from your traditional cigarettes and joints that only require a lighter. Vape pens are battery-operated devices that have metal coils to heat the vape juice and convert it into vapor. Start by ordering your vape pen, they come in various delicious flavors like Zkittlez Vape pen. Every vape pen has an activate button, press that. This allows the atomizer to turn the juice into vapor. Inhale from the mouthpiece for a few seconds. Repeat the process at your discretion. If the smoke tastes bitter, it is time to recharge. If the bitter taste persists after recharging, it’s time to buy a new vape pen.

Is vaping weed safe? Dangers of vaping weed

Vaping weed might seem like a safer option than smoking, but it is not totally harmless. There are respiratory illnesses associated with vaping weed. Many users in 2019 complained about vaping-associated lung injury. It could be potentially damaging to a person’s health. But vaping weed is not alone to blame, some vaping pens might be linked to vitamin E acetate additives that are used in some counterfeit products. There is also a range of ingredient list like aerosol, or artificial flavors that might irritate your lungs.

Some vaping products found heavy metals, carcinogenic compounds, and ultrafine particulates in them. Hence, it is important to buy vaping pens from credible, reliable stores that provide complete transparency, third-party lab testing, and ingredient list like DivineHemps.

Benefits of vaping weed

Why are so many people turning to vaping? Surely there must be some reasons, let’s take a look at the benefits of vaping weed

  • Hassle-free

Unlike other products, vape pens are hassle-free, you take them anywhere and anytime for trouble-free consumption without worrying about the dosage.

  • Easy to use

Vape pens are fairly easy to use, with just pressing a button you can enjoy the wonderful effects of weed anywhere, anytime.

  • Discreet

Disguised as a small device, these vape pens can be taken anywhere without any judgment. Nobody would be aware of it and it can be used in places where smoking is not tolerated.

  • Cleaner buzz

Vape pens offer a cleaner buzz compared to combusted cannabis. It may also contain some toxins.

  • Less smell

Weed has a strong smell that cannot be escaped and some might not find it appealing. Vape pens aren’t completely odourless, but they do minimize the smell because the cannabis isn’t burned.

Smoking v/s vaping

Wondering if vaping weed is better than smoking? Let’s take a look. Smoking anything can be more dangerous than vaping, because with smoking there is a risk of inhaling hot debris that irritates your throat and lungs. While smoking, dried parts of the flowers are burnt, this can cause chemical reactions. It can be toxic and lead to cancer.

On the other hand, vape pens don’t burn anything, they come prefilled with concentrated marijuana. It is more potent and intense. However, vape pens do heat the vape juice to convert it into vapor, overheating of the juice can lead to the formation of an aerosol. But vape pens don’t heat up to a point of combustion, so they are safer than smoking marijuana. The effects are also felt more intensely while vaping. 

Safer ways to consume weed

Vaping or smoking both might not be the ideal ways of consuming weed, but there are safer ways to enjoy the wonderful high of weed. Here are a few ways how you can safely consume weed

  • Edibles 

The most fun way to consume weed is to make pot brownies and other baked goods with it. They taste amazing and there is no risk of smoking. Dosing can be tricky, so be careful.

  • Tinctures

Tinctures are alcohol-based marijuana extract, this is supposed to be held under your tongue for 30 seconds and then swallowed. They produce intense effects without any risk. 

  • CBD

If you seek medical benefits and mild effects then you will surely enjoy CBD. It is less risky and intense than smoking weed.


There needs to be more research on the effects of consuming marijuana. However, we can conclude that vaping marijuana is not particularly good for your health. It can pose a threat to your lungs and there is always a risk of counterfeit products diluted with harmful ingredients. All this makes vaping weed look very risky. We recommend consuming edibles or tinctures rather than smoking or vaping.

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