Are pets allowed in vacation rental homes in Nigeria?

Travel takes place for different reasons. If you don’t go on vacation, you might be on the road as a fitter to visit construction sites. Students want to see the world – and entrepreneurs are on business trips. The question of suitable accommodation can often be clarified quickly. At the latest, when taking pets with you, questions arise.

There is no generally binding legal definition for this. The host and his guest are entitled to determine this point of the vacation rental agreement at their discretion. The landlord can always refuse to take dogs or cats with him on his initiative.

Pay attention to the fine print.

It is not uncommon for you to book short-let apartments in Victoria Island, Lagos or rooms for fitters using offers in catalogs or via websites. The owner has the opportunity to present his property optimally. At the same time, he can set up rules for staying there. These include possible smoking bans or permission to use a washing machine.

What the landlord does not tolerate within his own four walls should be expressed in his advertisement. When asked whether you can bring pets, you will often only find a corresponding passage in the small print. It is worth reading the text additions.

In principle, the landlord is not obliged to accept the accompaniment of animals. From his point of view, the advantages usually outweigh the disadvantages: If there is noise disturbance, unpleasant smells, or damage to property by dogs, cats, and rodents, there is an additional cost factor for the property owner.

Furthermore, he expects that the frequent presence of the four-legged friends will increase the expenses for cleaning the rooms. If the host wants to exclude such risks, he is authorized to prohibit the animals from being taken along.

The tenant has to agree.

On the other hand, as a tenant, you have no legal basis for insisting on taking your pet with you. As a guest, you must adapt to the customs of the house you would like to rent. You must comply with the signed contract, which contains further provisions. You may be subject to immediate termination and a fine if you act contrary to these.

Many landlords use small symbols in catalogs and on websites. These are provided with a dog’s head or a paw print. For example – they make it clear that certain animal species are permitted on this property.

If the descriptive text of the offer does not provide any further information in this regard, ask the owner of the house for a written confirmation that you can take your four-legged friend or a bird with you. Such a step serves all sides for legal certainty. It is not uncommon for the landlord to want to see a picture of the animal beforehand to get a first rough impression of it.

The landlord hath the last word.

What is the legal situation if the apartment owner allows the animals to be taken along but refuses to agree to the envisaged tenancy in individual cases?

The so-called contractual autonomy also applies here – both parties decide for themselves under which conditions they would like to sign a contract. If the landlord generally favors taking a dog with you, he can still refuse it in individual cases. As a tenant, you have no legal recourse to attack the unauthorized decision of your counterpart. He sets the rules for living together in his house.

Such a procedure is known when, for example, the dog is significantly larger than described. Or if the cat suffers from illnesses. Refusals are often based on the fact that the cleanliness of the animal would not be compatible with the requirements of the house.

Also, consider that your four-legged friend can suddenly behave differently in the new environment than at home. Your usually quiet dog may be prone to barking loudly in the vacation rental homes in Ikeja, Lagos he doesn’t like. And your cat, bored during the day, may react with sharp claws on a good carpet.


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