Are you a fan Nintendo Switch games? Are you a fan of the Nintendo Switch Pokemon Legends Series? Did you know that Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be released tomorrow in Canada and Australia?

Would you like to see a review before you buy the game? Let’s take a look at Arceus Pokemon Ign Reviews.


New Nintendo Switch game, Pokemon Legends Arceus, will be available in the market starting January 28, 2022. Pokemon Legends Arceus is considered the best game in the Pokemon Legends series.

IGN Italia reviews:

IGN had given the Pokemon Legends-Arceus game a rating of 5/10 stars. They also stated that it was disappointing. IGN reviews games based on a variety of criteria, including quality of gameplay, music quality, television shows, and films that are based on the game.

Arceus Pokémon Ign Review The evolution:

Dewott becomes Samurott, Dartrix becomes Decidueye, and Quilava becomes Quilava in the Hisui area. Three forms of the Hisuian are also found in this region, including its final form.

The Hisui Region:

The Hisui region is the base of the game and must be explored in order to capture gems and noble Pokemons.

In the News:

The original storyline of Pokemon Legends – Arceus was leaked online before it was released. Random information about new characters in the game has also been leaked. Arceus Pokemon Ign discovered that a few gamers had also received copies of the game prior to its release.

Game details:

  • Game Freaks: Developers
  • Publishers – Nintendo
  • Franchises – Pokemon
  • Release Date: January 28, 2022
  • Platforms – Nintendo Switch
  • Genres: Action, RPG and Open-World

Additional reviews:

Many critics posted reviews. Metacritic posted 41 reviews and gave the game a composite score of 86%.

The PCMag scored Pokemon Legends-Arceus at 3.5/5 stars. This is an average rating.

User Reviews:

As Arceus Pokemon Ign Review pointed out, Pokemon Legends-Arceus did an excellent job of trying new things in the game. However, Pokemon Legends-Arceus is still limited in scope and repetitive tasks. The game’s graphics and texture are poor.


The Pokemon Legends-Arceus game treats Rowlet, Oshawott, and Cyndaquil in their original Hisuian final form. You may have met Quilava, Dewott and Dartrix during other adventures. However, you’ll be able to meet them again in Hisui region Evolutions.