Casinos allow you to play roulette online in addition to poker, blackjack, and slots whenever and wherever you like. Regardless of the type of casino that you’re playing in, one thing that stays the same is the terminology used.

So if you’re looking to play a few games at a respectable casino then you must have an understanding of the rules, regulations, and technical terminology to get you through.

But casino jargon can be confusing, especially if you’re new to the gambling world. That’s where this quick guide will come in handy.


This is the initial wager required before a hand is dealt. It’s seen most often in card games.


A bankroll is a cash amount that is specifically set aside for a player to then make their bets.


A bet is a fixed cash sum that is risked on either a sports event or casino game with the hopes of winning. Alternatively, it’s known as a stake or a wager.

Betting Layout

A betting layout is available space on a betting table where gamblers can place their chips to then easily make their bets.

Betting Limits

These are betting boundaries that are accepted either at a specific casino game or a betting table. They pertain to a minimum and maximum bets.


This is an additional perk that might be gifted to you as a prize for registering with a particular online casino. It includes free spins.

Cash Out

To cash out is to have chips converted into cash, or withdraw money from a casino account and send it to your bank account using the payment method you prefer.


These are tokens that typically come in the form of colored plastic discs. They symbolize money at any casino gaming table and also come in varying denominations.

Cold Streak

This is an extended and consecutive losing gaming run that is experienced by a player.

Complimentary Points

These are complimentary services and items given out to players in casinos to encourage gambling. They vary in quality depending on the type of game being played, wagered cash, and the duration of play.


Another term for a dealer at a gaming table. They payout tokens and money, spin roulette wheels, and also deal and shuffle cards.

Even Money Bet

These bets have a 1:1 ratio of payout odds. Simply, the potential winning amount equals the player’s initial stake.

Expected Win Rate

This is a term that indicates a percentage of the overall money that a player is then expected to win or lose while in the casino.

Face Card

This is a king, queen, or jack of any of the suits in a card deck.

High Roller

A high roller is a gambler who consistently wagers large cash amounts.

Hot Streak

A drawn-out run of good luck with consecutive accumulated wins.

House Edge

The numerical advantage that the casino has over all of its players.

House Rules

This pertains to game rules that are exclusive to a specific land-based or online casino.

Multi-hand Game

Players can play more than a single hand at any given time.


The cash amount that a player will receive after they win a bet.

Progressive Jackpot

This jackpot grows each time that the game is played and the total jackpot sum isn’t won.


Another term that represents a tie.


This is a single line of symbols on a slot machine where winning symbols must be lined up for a win.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

RNG is a computer process that is used to generate a random outcome for a particular game.

Return to Player (RTP)

A measure (usually expressed as a percentage) of total wagered money that will then be repaid to its players.


Reels are the horizontal columns in slot machines that are full of symbols.

True Odds

The realistic odds of a wager winning. This is probability-based.

Three of a Kind

A hand consists of three cards that are similar in their rank.


This is the risk level involved in a game of slots that reveals how often and how likely a game is to offer a win.

Wagering Requirements

These conditions dictate the overall amount of cash that players must stake on a game before being able to cash out any earnings that have been made from bonuses.


A high-value player that consistently wagers large cash amounts.


These are some of the most widely-used casino terminologies that you must familiarize yourself with. While knowing these terms won’t automatically make you a casino expert, they’ll certainly come in handy when you next place your bets!