Texas is one of the most unique states in the country, making it an attraction visited by people all over the world. Texas has a business-friendly climate, which has seen major companies relocate to the state. Immigrants can easily start an LLC in Texas and other types of businesses.

Pre-pandemic Texas experienced a roughly $170 billion impact, with 10% of the jobs involving travel. If you’re going to visit Texas, it pays to have a list of the main hotspots you’d like to visit.

A little bit of vacation planning goes a long way. Here are some things you can keep in mind when visiting Texas.

1. Remember (And Visit) the Alamo

A trip to Texas is never complete without a visit to see the Alamo. The Alamo is both a historical and cultural landmark that has been immortalized in time.

It’s most known for the Battle of the Alamo, which was a 13-day battle in which Texas sought independence from Mexico. The fort is a fundamental piece of Texas history that will help you learn more about the state, how it came to be, and what people mean when they make the reference “Remember the Alamo.”

The area has been preserved over the years, and you can visit the site for tours.

2. Check Out the Space Center in Houston

Your Texas vacation can also be a mind-expanding learning experience. Texas is one of the most pivotal states when it comes to space exploration.

Just as “Remember the Alamo” has been immortalized in Texas history, you’ve probably also heard the phrase “Houston, we have a problem.”

Space Center Houston exists today as one of the most renowned centers for space research and scientific exploration. Visitors can stop by to take tours and check out numerous space exhibits.

You can learn about stars and planets, check out spacecraft from Apollo and other space missions, and learn about the science behind it all.

3. Take a Tour of the State Capital

Visiting the Texas State Capital is an excellent thing to add to your to-do list when you’re in the state. You can’t truly understand a state without visiting its capital.

Texas’ state capital is located in Austin, which also happens to be a thriving and bustling area filled with art, food and drink, entertainment, culture, and so much more.

The actual capital building is a piece of history that features multiple properties and municipal offices. Some of these include the Governor’s Mansion, Texas State Cemetary, Bullock Museum, and governmental chambers.

You can also visit the Texas Visitor’s Center, which is a museum that explains Texas history, lets you know what the state has to offer, and shows you your current location in relation to the rest of the state.

4. Visit the River Walk in San Antonio

San Antonio is an iconic city in Texas known mostly for its River Walk. The River Walk is a public Texas part that features live music, restaurants, shopping, and several views of the River.

You can jump on a boat for a ride or even have dinner. It’s one of the most notable attractions in Texas, and one that should absolutely be at the top of your list.

You can also check out horseback riding San Antonio not far from the River Walk so that you can trot along while people watching and enjoy the sights and scenery of the boats that go by.

5. Put Some National Parks on Your List

The state of Texas boasts 16 parks that are either official national parks or protected by the National Park Service (NPS). Examples of these parks include the Guadalupe Mountains, Big Bend, Lake Meredith, Amistad, and Waco Mammoth.

You’ll be able to enjoy different facets of nature and take in some fresh air and greenery. Since the parks are preserved and maintained, you will enjoy spending time on unspoiled land as a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the bigger city areas.

6. Book a Weekend in South Padre Island

Who says Texas isn’t known for its beaches? You can take advantage of the coastal life by booking a few days in South Padre Island.

This area is fun for the whole family, and you’ll have access to plenty of restaurants, shows, and events that’ll make the trip worthwhile. You can go parasailing, surfing, fishing, or hop in a boat.

South Padre Island has plenty of coastal land if you just want to catch some rays and appreciate the fresh air.

7. Take a Trip to See Jerry World

How ’bout them Cowboys? For years, the Cowboys have been known as “America’s Team,” due in large part to the larger-than-life personality of the team and its owner — Jerry Jones.

True to reputation, Jones broke the mold when he constructed the Cowboys’ new AT&T Stadium a few years back. The stadium is like a cathedral to football, as it features a huge retractable roof, an immense scoreboard, high-quality restaurants, several HD screens for viewing the game from different angles, and state-of-the-art architecture.

Even if you’re not a sports or football fan, stopping by the stadium for some pictures is a must so that you can say you visited this piece of American culture.

Know What to Do When Visiting Texas

Consider these tips so that you have a game plan when visiting Texas. Trip planning can take some heavy lifting, so let these points get you started down the right path. And don’t forget to find out more best places to eat in Waco Texas if you plan to come here in the future.

Start with the points above and you’ll be ready to go when it’s time for your Texas vacation. Check out some of our other posts so that you can learn more about travel, career information, and so much more.