Cloth Diapers
6 Common Materials Used In Cloth Diapers

No doubt cloth diapers are cute and a better, more sustainable and eco-friendly choice compared to disposable diapers. But style, prints and cuteness apart, how comfortable a particular material, brand, fit and in general, the cloth diapers online purchased are for your baby are of higher importance. Thus, reading about what materials are used and the best ones before placing an order for the stash of your cloth diapers online, let us discuss the common materials used in cloth diapers and which one you should choose! 

But first, let us list the five most important things you should consider when you buy cloth diapers online

  1. Your Budget – You will find a lot of brands that offer to sell cloth diapers online. Some of these are premium; some are affordable, while others are just cheap copies with inferior quality material. Which one you choose, to a large extent, depends on your budget. 
  2. Your Requirement – There are different kinds of cloth diapers, such as all-in-one, padded underwear, nappies, prefolds etc. It would be best to decide what combination and how many you would need before placing an order for cloth diapers online. 
  3. The Brand – Before buying your cloth diapers online, read up on how long the brand has been in the market, what accessories, and reviews and recommendations by other cloth diapering parents. 
  4. After-Sale Support – This is an essential aspect of your decision because cloth diapering is an art to master that might require a bit of hand-holding. If the brand you choose offers fit checks, video demonstrations etc., they are your best diapering partners! 
  5. The Material – And that’s the most important thing. The cloth diaper you choose would be touching your baby’s genitals, bums and skin until they don’t get potty-trained. So, choose the material carefully!  

Common Materials Used In Cloth Diapers

The cloth diapers, as the name suggests, are made of cloth. But there are many material options available to buy cloth diapers online. Here are the most common materials used in cloth diapers. 

  1. TPU or PUL – Most waterproof cloth diapers have an external layer of TPU or PUL that is made with a unique heating process that makes it waterproof and avoids mess all around when your baby pees or poops in the diaper. 
  1. Bamboo – One of the most absorbent and eco-friendly materials, Bamboo is mainly used as an insert to create extra absorbency for night time or long-duration diapering while travelling etc. Bamboo is also a preferred choice of people who look for sustainable and eco-friendly materials because Bamboo grows faster and needs significantly less water to grow. 
  1. Cotton – Cotton is the most commonly used natural fibre on earth. And not just for cloth diapers online but also for any kind of apparel made for all ages! This is because cotton is one of the most comfortable, readily available and skin-friendly fabrics. Parents even prefer to buy all newborn apparel – the rompers, onesies, jhablas, pyjamas, etc., made of cotton, organic cotton or mulmul cotton – the purest and softest fabric for a newborn baby. Brands such as SuperBottoms use superior quality organic cotton that is certified by GOTS (Global Organics Textile Standards). Such material is an excellent choice for newborn babies’ sensitive and delicate skin. Cotton is also one of the easy to clean and lost-lasting fabrics. 
  1. Hemp – One of the fastest-growing plants that does not need much water, just like Bamboo, hemp is a material that is gaining fast popularity lately. It does not require any pesticide to grow and thus is a step ahead in being an eco-friendly natural material. It is also a super absorbent material and dries faster as compared to other thick and porous fabrics and materials. 
  1. Modal – Just like Hemp, Modal is also a fabric made from a tree’s pulp and is super absorbent. Because of its silky and smooth texture, it is a loved fabric and is preferred for underwear and other apparel for kids. Modal is rarely known to cause any skin irritation or rashes too. Also, because Modal is highly resistant to mineral build-up, people living in areas where water is harder than usual and the life of cloth diapers is reduced due to this mineral and detergent build-up, cloth diapers online that are made of Modal are an ideal choice.  
  1. Polyester – Not a natural fibre, polyester is made of synthetic materials. The only advantage of a synthetic material such as polyester is that it dries quickly and does not let the baby feel the wetness on the skin. However, not a popular choice regarding cloth diapers; many kids’ underwear and langots are made of polyester. Polyester has a huge carbon footprint because it is not a naturally growing material but an artificial man-made fibre. It is also more prone to cause skin rashes and chafing due to rubbing and friction against the skin. Therefore, most parents do not prefer making their kids wear anything synthetic or polyester until they are a bit grown up.  
  1. Wool – One of the most comfortable and airy materials for younger kids that is suitable for their sensitive skin is wool. In the olden days, grandmothers used to crochet or knit handmade woollen langots or nappies for newborns. They are ideal for absorbing up to one pee and are a very breathable material. These days you will also find the option of woollen cloth diapers online offered by small businesses! Picking from the traditional handmade woollen cloth diapers, many brands have started to manufacture and provide woollen cloth diapers online in cute and unique knit and weave choices! 

Which Is The Best Material? 

Well, every skin has a different sensitivity level. At times, even natural materials like hemp and wool can cause skin allergy, as they are known to trap body heat in very closely woven. 

But if you choose a natural light fabric – like certified organic cotton- the cloth diapers would suit your baby’s skin and keep them comfortable. Happy Diapering!