There comes a time in our lives when we have to part ways with some of our belongings. To avoid becoming hoarders and cluttering our homes, it’s necessary to get rid of some of the things we don’t need. Also, prefer a Storage Units that provide more suitable size room to ensure you only pay for the space you need. However, what about the things we need in general, but not in the moment? 

What about sentimental belongings that we want to keep but have no space for? 

It wouldn’t be wise to get rid of these things, hence the reason why we are here to advise a solution.
best self storage facility are the best thing in cases like this. They come in varying sizes and can be used for many different purposes. From storing your boat to stacking a few boxes of crockery, you can find a unit that suits your needs. If you live in Shreveport, LA you might want to read on till the end of this article. We will be talking about several types of self-storage facilities you can consider in the future. 

De-cluttering 101 is in session; here are some of the best self-storage facilities to help clean the house up. 

Units based on your size requirements

If you don’t feel like renting out an entire room, you don’t have to. Most storage facilities offer size options so that you have something that suits your needs best. The storage units in Shreveport give you the liberty to freely choose your option and not have to pay more for something you don’t need. One of the biggest deterrents in the past was the misconception that you had to rent an entire 8×8 unit just to store a few boxes and files.
You can weigh the options and see which unit suits you best. You can store everything from household furniture to little knick-knacks that you have lying around the house. 

As expected, storage units vary in price, depending on several factors. So you don’t need to worry about paying a small fortune a month. Get the unit you need and only pay for services rendered. 

Indoor and outdoor facilities

Most storage facilities come with indoor and outdoor options. For some of your belongings, it may not make a difference where they are, however for others, it may be best to keep them stored indoors. For that reason, most storage facilities give you the option to choose for yourself.
Keeping in mind the climate and changes in weather, it would be best to choose whatever you deem fit. If you are in a dryer area, an outdoor unit for your vehicle might not be that bad of an idea. However, in a place like Louisiana, where the humidity levels peak, opting for indoor facilities would be a better idea. 

You don’t want your belongings rotting out there and gathering mold. Again, many of the items stored in these facilities have sentimental values and you simply don’t have the place to store them at home. It would be tragic to retrieve your items a few months later and find them disintegrating and rotting because you chose the wrong kind of unit. 

Climate controlled units 

Temperature can affect the health of the contents within the units. You want to ensure you have covered all your bases before storing your items. Even indoor units can heat up quite a bit in the summer. Some places in the US get extremely hot and humid and can cause rot to set in indoors as well.
Opting for a climate-controlled unit might be a wise idea in this regard. There are vents inside the unit that maintain a certain temperature and steady airflow. Therefore, the inside of the space always remains cool and is aired out throughout the year. 

This is great if you plan to store electronics, paper, or fabric for months or even years. These are often the first items to lose the battle to the weather, but with a climate-controlled storage unit, you won’t have to worry about anything. 

Cold storage

If you plan on storing perishable items for weeks and months, this is the kind of unit you would want to go for. Though the average individual rents out cold storage warehouse on occasion, it is mostly businesses and retailers who rent these units. The units take climate control a step further and keep the place pretty chilly. Some facilities also offer freezing units. 

If you are storing fruits and vegetables or other kinds of food, this might be the kind of storage facility to consider. These too come in varying sizes so you can specify whatever you want to the facility manager when filling out the paperwork. 


Many storage facilities offer warehouse facilities to large businesses. These vary in size but are usually considerably bigger than the average storage units. Companies store their inventories and stocks in these locations to ensure they are retrievable whenever the need arises.
These usually cost a bit more than the self-storage units as they have the retail aspect attached to them. 

A key tip when renting a warehouse facility is to try and make sure that the storage is as close to the business as possible. Driving across town, spending money on fuel, and losing hours in the balance can cost the business in the long run. Considering the fact that you have to do it several times a day can make things complicated. Finding something close by shouldn’t be too hard, and if you don’t, try and cut costs on the rental unit because it may not suit your budget in the long run. 


Storage is a very real issue for both families and small businesses. This article has introduced some of the best solutions for your storage issues. From varying sizes to temperature-controlled units and even warehousing solutions, we have gone through different types of self-storage facilities that you can consider, depending on your needs. They all have their pros and cons, but it’s for you to decide which one you want to go with.
Remember to weigh the options and consider the distance factor when making your decision, and the rest should fall into place fairly easily.