While there is already plenty of information on the web about what you should do to cure hair fall, you must also know about things you should avoid during excessive hair fall. 

Hair fall can result from a variety of problems such as menopause in women and genetics in men. Many therapies and medications are available, like laser cap for hair growth, biotin, minoxidil, etc. If taken under proper guidance, they can help cure hair loss for good. 

But today, let us talk about day-to-day things that we must avoid while suffering from hair loss.

1.     Please do not treat your hair roughly.

Some people often treat their hair harshly by massaging them rigorously and applying heat products such as blow dryers. 

Hair loss happens when hair strands become thin. That is when they are vulnerable to breakage and damage. Therefore, it is best not to treat them with blow dryers and sharp combs. 

If used in a high heat setting, blow dryers can erase all the moisture from the scalp. As a result, more hair strands will lose their thickness and become prone to permanent damage. 

Moreover, avoid tight hair bands that pull your hair back and tie them with a low bun. 

2.     Do not go easy on the diet.

Diet is key to hair growth. Your hair locks need nutrition and nourishment, and only a balanced diet can feed them well. 

Ensure that you take at least 60g of protein every day. You do not have to stick to any protein supplements if you include fish, meat, eggs, lentils, and oats in your diet. 

Ditch the junk foods that aggravate heat and acid in your body. Also, stay away from the ketogenic diet and feed your body with much-needed nutrition. 

3.     Do not hide it from your hairdresser.

Often people feel embarrassed in discussing the condition of their hair, even with their hairdresser. 

Though, understandably, you do not want to share your problem with people, not telling your hairdresser that you are experiencing hair loss can be fatal.

Hairdressers use chemical-based products to style your hair. They know which products to use or avoid during hair loss. If they know about your hair troubles in advance, they will not resort to using chemicals for styling. Instead, they may style your hair to hide your patterned baldness, if any. 

4.     Avoid long hair and extensions.

Most women want to have extended hair. It adds to their beauty and personality. 

However, it would be best to avoid hair extensions and get a regular haircut if her hair is flimsy and thin. 

Hair growth continues to happen at its methodical pace even during hair fall; the difference is that those long hair do not stay intact to their follicles for long. They thin out faster than normal. 

Therefore, you must get a regular haircut and avoid hair extensions. 

Final Thoughts 

Apart from these four things, you must also avoid sunbathing for long. Too much exposure to the sun’s UV rays can suck the moisture from your scalp, leaving you with dry hair. 

But protecting your hair from the sun does not mean that you should not go out. In fact, regular physical activities like cycling, sports, and cardiovascular exercises can help increase the blood circulation in your entire body. As a result, the blood will carry nutrients to the scalp and revitalize it. 

Moreover, if you are losing hair, we recommend you must contact your dermatologist for treatment instead of resorting to over-the-counter medication. So, avoid doing these four things to regrow your hair.