Schools receive money from the government to provide basics such as teachers’ salaries and building upkeep. However, there are often additional costs involved such as buying new computers or providing the sports teams with their kit that government money just won’t stretch far enough to cover. If you are on the school’s fundraising team, and you are looking for some ideas on how to raise money to pay for the things that make your kids’ education easier and more enjoyable, here are four you can consider. 

Talent Show

Many kids have talents that they would love the opportunity to showcase. Whether they can sing, dance, act, or play an instrument, you will be able to find plenty of willing volunteers to take part. The school can provide the hall to use as a venue and you can ask teachers and parents to help out to make sure that the show is a success.

This will work because you can sell tickets to the performance and parents, grandparents, and other family members and friends will be happy to pay to watch their little darlings perform. You may even need to put on a few performances due to ticket demand. 

Brick Fundraiser

A brick fundraiser involves asking people such as parents and local businesses to pay for a brick that has been engraved with a name, date, or business logo. Brick engravers may not cost as much as you think. You can use these bricks to build a wall or a pathway for the school which is practical and then spend the rest of the money you receive on raising funds for school supplies. 

This works as many people are emotionally attached to the school and love the idea of using bricks that they have paid for to shape the future of the school. 


What kid doesn’t love a sleepover? The school hall will make a great venue for this. Give parents a list of the things they will need to supply such as sleeping bags and snacks and charge an entry fee for the event. This will work because kids won’t want to miss out if all their friends are going so you will get a brilliant take-up. It won’t cost you a lot to run the event either which means that more money can go towards fundraising. 

Family Fun Day

The sports field makes a great venue for a family fun day. You can run events such as tug-of-war, sack races, and other events. You can have family and individual events and sell tickets to the day. This will appeal to those who have a competitive nature or those who want a low-cost way of bonding with their families. Open the event up to the whole community and you will sell a lot of tickets. You can raise additional funds by running food and drink stalls on the day too.

Fundraising for your kids’ school might be challenging, but it is certainly worthwhile.