Are you experiencing discomfort in your knees, ankle, foot and lower back because of using the wrong footwear? Are you seeking shoes that are comfortable and can help to reduce discomfort? Are you in the market for shoes that improve the posture of your feet? Are you thinking of buying male shoes online in the United States and Canada? can help but prior to making an order, we suggest that you look through Zuodi Sport Shoes Reviews.

Brief of is a site that sells only one type of men’s shoes. The strength of this shoe is the fact that it helps to maintain the correct position of your feet. It can help relieve back pain, foot pain and knee pain, ease pressure and enhance mobility. These shoes sport a striking casual style that is suitable for every occasion. They are available in brown, black and grey colors. The shoes are comfortable inside with a non-slip sole, fine stitches, rounded tips, the uppers and interiors are breathable.

When analyzing the information in the ‘About Us’ section it is evident that the content of the website was copied from the website ‘Finish Line. This is what makes suspicious.

Features to be inspected Does the Zuodi Sport Shoes Legit :

  • Buy Shoes at:
  • Links to social mediaLinks that connect to FB as well as YouTube are available, however they will redirect you to unrelated websites in FB or YouTube.
  • Price: $49.98.
  • Physical Address, phone #:not provided.
  • The Terms and Conditions It is mentioned but copied from a variety of websites.
  • Review by Customers and Blogs:not available.
  • Privacy Policy: Mentioned but copied from multiple websites.
  • Locator of stores:Zuodishoe is an e-store that does not have physical stores.
  • Deliveries:The shoes are delivered within 7 to 20 days. This is in addition to up to 48 hours processing time.
  • Delivery:Shoes are shipped via DHL, SF Express, E-Post and 4PX Express. Free shipping on products that exceed $69.
  • Zuodi Sport Shoes Reviews on Tracking:You can track your purchases on However, your tracking numbers wasn’t listed on the site.
  • offers a 30-day return or exchange time. The shoes must be in good condition for you to be eligible for returns and exchanges, refunds and refunds.
  • Returns A notification email will go out out, as well as the money will automatically creditable. However, the timing of the refund has not been clarified.
  • email address[email protected] (pre-sale) as well as [email protected] (after selling).
  • Method Of allows payment via JPY USD, USD, AUD GBP, CAD, CAD and EUR using PayPal only.
  • Owner’s information:The owner’s identity is secret from customers.
  • Zuodi Sport Shoes Reviews on does not send newsletters to its customers.

Pros of

  • is a great option for those who suffer from foot pain, knee pain or lower back pain.
  • assists in correcting the posture
  • is available for sale at a reasonable price, and at a discounted rate,
  • Free shipping when you buy 2 pairs of shoes.

Cons of

  • Only shows for single males are accessible on the website.
  • Poor web design, that has all options packed into the same page.

Is Legitimate?

  • Creation: 29th September 2021 at 06:40:58 AM.
  • The age of the website is this website has been online for 2 months. It is 25 days old.
  • Expiry:29th September 2022 at 06:40:58 AM.
  • Trust Index: When looking into the Zuodi Sport Shoes Legit, we found that its trust score of 1%. This is extremely low.
  • Alexa gained a Zero Alexa ranking , which is a poor.
  • Source of Origin: The COO for is China.
  • The status of blacklistingNone Blacklisting Engines been blacklisted
  • Proximity to suspicious scored 26/100 and is considered to be suspicious.
  • score for Phishing: is a terrible score of 59/100.
  • Risk is rated as a terrible 77 out of 100.
  • Spam Score: scores 10/100
  • score for malware: scores terrible 77/100
  • Connection sends and receives information via HTTPS protocol.
  • Person to contact:Emy of customer service.
  • Social Relations: Zuodishoe does not have a presence on social media websites.
  • Owner’s contact information:The contact details for the owner’s contact details are not given.

Customers Zuodi Sport Shoes Reviews:

A review video on YouTube suggests that could be an SCAM. Numerous review sites have identified as a SCAM.

Conclusion on is not a legit website due to a poor credibility score and a poor Alexa rankings and reviews of the website as well as the recent launch of the site and lower lifespan, a low score on threat profiles.