This article Zizmall Reviews is designed to help shoppers. You can find all details regarding the legitimacy, characteristics, and pricing of Zizmall stores here.

Do you require a 300-pack disposable color facial mask? You may also require any other life-essential item. You can now shop for hygiene or fashion products online at Zizmall in United States. It is trendy nowadays and people are eager for more information about Zizmall.

This Zizmall review will give information to the readers on the characteristics and legitimacy Zizmall. Shoppers interested in purchasing from Zizmall may also learn if the shop is worthwhile from this post. You can read the complete article for more information.

Zizmall Overview

Zizmall has a reputation for offering affordable fashion and hygiene products. The store offers exciting discounts and special deals on everyday-use products. Here are some examples of these products:

  • Disposable color face masks
  • Tank top for women
  • Camisole for women
  • Boxer briefs for Men
  • Men’s T-shirts

Is Zizmall Legit This store offers basic hygiene and fashion products to its customers. The question that is most important here is whether the site is actually legitimate. Knowing the legitimacy of the site is essential. It ensures buyers that it isn’t a scam or fraud. For more information about Zizmall’s store, please read the whole article.

Features by Zizmall

  • Buy 40 pairs of ankle-length socks from
  • Email Address: [email protected], [email protected]
  • Phone details: Not provided.
  • Address information: Convent Garden, London, 71 Shelton Street.
  • On its official website, there are no Zizmall Ratings. The store is not rated or reviewed on any other websites.
  • Return Policy: All eligible items can be returned free of charge to the store. However, no returns policy is available on the website.
  • Shipping Policy – It takes about 7-9 days to deliver the product.
  • Shipping rate: Free shipping on orders above 35$
  • PayPal.

Positive Highlights

  • Https can be used to protect users’ data.
  • On the website, you will find email ids as well as company address.

Negative Highlights

  • There were no reviews or ratings on the official website.
  • However, social media accounts for the store are not available.

Is Zizmall a Legit Site?

You need to know the criteria for determining if an internet store is legitimate. This section will examine whether buying from Zizmall has been proven safe. Please read through all details.

  • Website Register: May 06th 2022 is Zizmall’s Registration Date. The website is likely to expire in three weeks.
  • Trust Index. The site has only a 1% trust score.
  • Registrar Zizmall registered through NameSilo, LLC
  • Customer Review: Zizmall Reviews can be found on their official website. It has not been rated on any other websites.
  • Social Media This site is available on certain social media platforms. However, no relevant information is there.
  • Data safety: This website offers HTTPS, which ensures the protection of customers’ personal data.
  • Information missing: There is no contact number on the website. You can also trust the address that they provided, since many companies also use the address.
  • Shipping Policy: Buyers will be able to check their shipping policies on their website. There is no return policy.

Zizmall reviews

Zizmall supplied some details such as address and email id. However, the owner’s details have not been made public and several other companies have also used the address. On their website, or on any other online platforms, there are no reviews. While the store exists on certain social media platforms, there is not enough information to be found. This makes it appear suspicious and untrustworthy for buyers.

Zizmall is very low in Alexa’s rankings. This is why you should not shop here. The buyers can find scams here.

Final Verdict

This concludes the Zizmall post. We learned that this website has low trust ratings and is likely to disappear soon. We reviewed the website and found it to be a scam. Buyers need to be alert for scammers. All buyers must be aware of the ways to keep protected from PayPal Scamming. You can find more information on Face Masks at this link.

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