Are you looking to get into the game industry? Have you heard of JoJo’s hilarious Adventure: Eyes of Heaven game? If yes you’ve been familiar with Zio. Zio character. He is a character with a unique physical ability to take down the mobs that are attacking him, which has driven people crazy across the world and especially in his home in the United States. But, some are hesitant to even try the game due to the fact that it’s extremely costly. Let’s find out what the other aspects of Zio Ascended are. To increase your understanding of this, read this article.


  • The name of the game:All-star tower defense.
  • Unit- Meta 6-star unit.
  • It was created on the Eyes of Heaven game which can be described as the most bizarre JoJo’s Adventure.
  • Specific capability-Ultimate Timing Stop (TS)
  • Duration:20-25 seconds
  • Boost Levels- 14
  • Form for buildingGround
  • The type of invasionAoE and Circle
  • Impair power945 to 342,606
  • Assault rate/SPA- 5
  • Scale- 30 -> 68.2
  • DPS- 189
  • Cost of distribution750
  • Cumulative cost- 175,000
  • Zio Ascensible is a possible development making use of
  • Required units- x5 Zio, x5 Jon Jo, x4 Vampire 1, x4 Vampire 2, x3 Vampire 3, x2 Vampire 4.

A few journals can help to learn more about this topic. Here are some of the analysis.

  • “What makes him so amazing is the fact that his TS doesn’t contribute to the CD typical TS. This means you can pile them right after the first closes.”
  • “Why and how can this be costing me so much? I’d love to play but won’t invest the money to play.”
  • “The time-stamp duration of Zio Ascension is extremely likable to me. He translates the entire map for 20 seconds.”
  • “It’s like an unusual anomaly as he’s being over-expensive right now.”

How did this become becoming popular?

Since this is the Meta component of Meta and moving to the future, people are being envious about this , naturally. This character’s abilities are exceptional with impressive capabilities and the top of the controversy surrounding its expense. Everyone wants to experience this once and the results and their passion are all right in front you.

Let’s get your questions answered now and read more information about Zio.

More details about Zio Ascended

Zio is a six-star character from Zio, a 6-Star character of the All-Star Tower Defense game. He is a specialist that allows him to beat all his opponents which makes him a massive battalion with a variety of possibilities.

Zio has an incredible power set that enables him to freeze time. He can freeze anything for a lengthy period of 20 to 23 seconds. The whole thing turns gray when the time is over and can affect the floor and air opponent groups. He can do a lot of destruction when completely increased. His range is extremely impressive, as is evident by other players on the field.


In the end, Zio Ascended is a fascinating character or unit from the All-Star tower defense game. He is a superhero with powers, superpowers and interesting things that attract people to play. However, it isn’t cheap and leaves people feeling unhappy too.