The Legend of Zelda is a cult game and even, as its name suggests, legendary. Like Super Mario, it is one of the reasons for Nintendo’s worldwide success, then for the democratization of video games that followed and which still continues today, 35 years after the game was released in 1986. Created by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka has quickly become a real phenomenon with a total of nearly 100 million games sold to date. The story takes place in a fantastic universe, and it’s about saving Princess Zelda.

As for the synopsis, it is relatively simple, the player embodies Link, the hero of the saga facing the lord of Evil played by Ganon and trying to save Princess Zelda. In all, there are more than 19 games that are part of the Zelda saga, including several remakes, spin-offs, slot machines and even the hit soundtrack. The Zelda saga is also in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the fastest-selling game, with no less than six million units worldwide in just eight weeks.

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Zelda & Nintendo Break a New Record

More recently Nintendo’s cult game broke a new record. This time around, it’s a unit price feat, with a rare 1987 edition of the game auctioned off at $870,000! This transaction therefore beats the record previously held by Super Mario Bros, of which a rare edition and still in its original packaging found a buyer for the sum of $660,000. If we cannot strictly speak of gambling with video games, we can say that these bring big money to their creators! 

Dizzying sums that the organizers of the auction (Heritage Auctions) explain on the one hand, by the rarity of the edition, but above all because it is in its original intact packaging from 1987. Indeed, less rare versions of the game from 1988, had been sold for around $50,000, which represents a considerable sum, of course, but which remains well below the current record. Further proof that what makes the intrinsic value of an object is indeed its rarity. Because from the utility point of view, it is understood that opening the box of the game, would make it immediately lose most of its value. This copy is therefore clearly destined to remain cloistered in its precious packaging for a long time to come, if not forever…

A record & an Anniversary

Pure coincidence of the calendar or a wink of fate, this historic and fabulous sale also takes place in the year when the Zelda saga celebrates its 35th anniversary. For the occasion, Nintendo has announced the arrival of a miniature Game & Watch console in a special edition bearing the image of Zelda. The console is in a special edition so it is obviously collector’s item, but that’s not all. Nintendo also offers three pre-loaded Zelda games on the console.

Remember that Nintendo is not at its first attempt, in fact, the Japanese giant had already released a special edition of its Game & Watch console for Mario’s 35th birthday. A ritual now for Nintendo, which plans to do the same for the 35th anniversary of all the firm’s classics. Thus, it would seem that a 35th anniversary version of Pokémon which should occur in 10 years is already in preparation. The Game & Watch Zelda console will be available for sale from November 12, but its price has not yet been disclosed. If we rely on the average sale price of a special version in tribute to Mario, we should probably expect a price around fifty euros.

Nintendo at Online Casinos: How Did It Happen?

It is clear that Nintendo did not only offer roulette and slots as mini-games integrated in Zelda but decided to enter the online casinos from its widest doors.

Considering its great reputation in the gaming arena, the developer has not found any difficulty in outperforming even the giants of online casino game providers. The company has so far offered an impressive selection of titles that you won’t find anywhere else. Moreover, these games come with a more virtual than realistic environment and they are able to make the difference. The best of all is that you will be able to enjoy all the games available for free. Nintendo games also give users more customizable features. For example, the player can customize the backgrounds, and card designs as he likes.

All in Casino Girls

One of the best games Nintendo has made so far is All in Casino Girls. This game gives you a chance to win big prizes. Moreover, you will be spoiled with leisure features and new entertainment options.

Machine Pyramid

Although this game revolves around a very common theme which ancient Egypt, it offers a lot of additional features that you should not miss. The grand prize in this game is 6,000 coins. Therefore, the players here have a very high earning potential. The reels offer up to 720 ways to win. Furthermore, there are wild symbols, expanding wild, and scatter symbols that you can make use of for more profit. The most interesting feature ever in this game is the ‘sticky prairie’ which gives you chances to win extra winnings.

Casino Roulette Royal

Finally, the long-awaited game, Casino Royale, has been released. This game brings a lot of great surprises, most notable of all is the possibility to play without spending a penny. Secondly, through this game, you can develop the right strategy for you to achieve the maximum amount of gains. Furthermore, this Casino Royale lets you immerse yourself in the casino world for adventures rich in emotions.