It is easy to create a website. Do you know the simpler steps involved in opening a website. E-commerce websites are a significant contributor to a country’s GDP like the United States.

Some websites are illegally trying to steal your money. To determine the legitimacy of a website and its Zanacraft Review, users will need to follow certain tutorials.

Information about the website

The website’s name is Zanacraft. It might sound like it might sell handcrafted items. However, they are selling electronic products so it is an online shop for electronically crafted items. They want to offer the branded items at a discount price.

These are the zanacraft products:

  • Microsoft and Apple offer desktop computers.
  • Software
  • Notebooks and laptops for Mac and Windows
  • Additional components such as monitors, scanners and printers, or web cameras, etc.
  • Mp3 players
  • Tablets
  • Phones, PDAs, cameras

Specifications for the website

Is Zanacraft Legit? Website design can deceive customers. Therefore, people should be cautious when looking at websites like this.

  • Customers can buy products at :
  • To assist customers, they didn’t provide their email address or ID.
  • They tried to trick the public by only displaying the title “Contact Us” in the website layout. However, when we clicked on the links in the Contact Us section, it was clear that they were trying to deceive us. They entered their address as “address 1” as well as their contact number of 123456789. This denotes their nonprofessional activity.
  • Social media activity is not present.
  • Customer Reviews: Zanacraft Review are not available.
  • Privacy policy: They just entered the title of the policy section. There weren’t any policies they wanted to follow.
  • Return policy: Although they have not shared details about their return policy, they did ask customers to enter the order number and product information. The website will generate an RMA code after you submit your details.
  • There is no detail about the refund policy.
  • Shipping Policy: The website asks users to specify delivery dates. However, we were unable to find any information about shipping time or shipping costs.
  • There are no payment options.

Zanacraft Review is not visible. This website requires a mandatory observation because it does not prove to be a legitimate website.

Positive points

  • They offer options to their customers for gift certificates, affiliates and other products.

Negative points

  • This website does not appear to be real or professional.
  • Websites without policies are a fraud. This means that they have created a website and not put any effort into making it a website.
  • They are not providing any contact information. They have entered random values.
  • Although they have offered some discounts on branded merchandise, it seems unlikely.

Evaluation of the legitimate nature

Is Zanacraft Legit? Although one can deceive their customers with fake content, they cannot fool the technical algorithm. Here is the analysis of these parameters.

  • Domain age: The domain was created in January 2022. Therefore, the domain’s age is approximately 2 months.
  • Domain expiry date: The domain will expire 01/07/2023.
  • Score of 1% on trust
  • Plagiarism content: 0%
  • Ranking Global Alexa – not available
  • 49 SEO keywords
  • Data protection: The HTTPS protocol reduces the possibility of data being intercepted by a third party but it is not detected.
  • Customer reviews: Zanacraft Review are not available on their website
  • Name of the registrar: It is registered by netart registrar
  • Information missing: Privacy policy, return and reimbursement policy, shipping details and contact number, company name.

Summary of customer reviews

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any reviews or ratings from customers on the website. The website does not look professional. Customers might be able to tell by the way it looks. There is a high likelihood that people will not purchase items from this site. This is why we have no customer ratings or reviews.


The article Zanacraft Reviews did not reflect the real face of the website. It does not provide general information and it doesn’t appear genuine. This website also has a low trust index.

This website is designed to trick people. Customers should be more cautious when they come across this website.