Read Zalerw Reviews of Shopsto discover more about the shopping site that has a large assortment of household utility and other gadgets.

Are you searching for products that can be multi-purpose and easy to use? Do you have time to spend your weekends doing DIY projects? Are you searching for tools to make it easier to complete DIY projects? Are you a fan of entertaining and cooking? Do you want to cook using electric cookware? Do you enjoy having fun toys for your children? located in in the United States in the United Stateshas everything! Let’s take a look Zalerw Shop reviews to be aware of its authenticity.


There are over 1,546 items available on All of the items are available for sale at affordable prices when compared with their MRP and are listed on other shopping websites. didn’t mention its goal statement. It indicates that the company has a lack of customer-centricity and is focused on the urgent completion of orders. The physical address provided is for a single-family residence that was listed on numerous fake websites. is a copy of and has copied its entire contents! The one act that was the answer to the question: Is Zalerw Shop a legitimate business? is an online store that sells:

  • Kid’s Toys,
  • Household Utilities and Tools,
  • Repair Equipment , Organizers and Repair Equipment
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Pet Utilities,
  • Accessories for Computers, Accessories,
  • Gadgets for kitchen and cleaning, and Liquids
  • Electronics,
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Machines that Swing Machines,
  • Generators,
  • Music Gadgets, etc.


Buy household utilities at:

  • Cost:between $25.59 to $98.99.
  • Physical address:2834 N Harper Terrace, Peoria, IL-61604, USA.
  • Zalerw Store locator: not featured.
  • Email address: [email protected].
  • Zalerw phone (or) Whatsapp phone numbernot included.
  • Social Media Linksnot present on Zalerw.
  • customer reviews and Blogs: blogs are not supported on Zalerw However, customer reviews are supported.
  • Zalerw Shop reviews Of Terms and ConditionsPresent however, they are plagiarized.
  • Zalerw Privacy policy: Present but Plagiarized.
  • Shipping PolicyZalerw distributes household appliances within 14 days.
  • Shipping policy:household appliances are sent within 4 days.
  • TrackingZalerw changes the tracking numbers of carriers to the account of the users.
  • Refund Policynot visible on Zalerw.
  • The Restocking Fee isnot assessed by Zalerw.
  • Return policy:Zalerw allows returns of 30 days. Return labels are available by contact [email protected]. Certain items sold by Zalerw are not returnable.
  • Returns policy: not present on Zalerw.
  • Help and FAQs: present in the Contact Us section.
  • Newsletters is supported by Zalerw.

Pros identified by Zalerw Shop reviews :

Zalerw offers all items at affordable prices

  • Zalerw had the broadest range of products
  • Zalerw is user-friendly that allows for searching, filtering and sorting options
  • Detailed product description/specifications and images are included on Zalerw
  • Zalerw offers free shipping on orders over $50.


Unrealistic discounts on costly products

  • The logic is flawed for in addition to the lack of inventory control, allowing an infinite amount of items to be purchased
  • The number of contact was not available and all important guidelines for orders were listed on
  • Physical address of the address shows homes and residential areas. Therefore, it’s fake.
  • Zalerw used copied content from a variety of websites.

Is Zalerw Shop Legit?

Zalerw Creator 18th April 2022 at 1:31.41.

  • Zalerw age: 1 month 8 days.
  • Zalerw The last update was at: 16th May 2022 at 3:38:58.
  • Zalerw Expiry date: 19th April 2023, at 1:131:41.
  • Zalerw life expectation:expires in 10 months and 22 days.
  • Trust Index: Zalerw has an 1% trust score.
  • Business Rating:Zalerw has a 14.1 percent rank in business.
  • Origin of the code:The CoO of Zalerw is in the USA.
  • The status of blacklisting Zalerw is not blacklisted.
  • SSL Status:its IP has an active SSL certificate valid that lasts for 89 consecutive days.
  • Risk Profile75%.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 25%.
  • Zalerw Shop reviews Of Phishing Score74%.
  • Security Score for Malware:75%.
  • Spam Score38%.
  • Zalerw’s contact number:unspecified.
  • Connection SecurityZalerw utilizes the HTTPS protocol.
  • Social Relations: Zalerw is not active on social media platforms.
  • Owner’s contact information and identity:Zalerw used internet censorship services to hide the data.
  • Modal payment:in US$ via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover.

Customer Reviews:

One YouTube review and over 30 reviews on reputable review sites have proven that it’s likely to be fraudulent. Scam. Zalerw has an Zero Alexa ranking. Review of the product on aren’t yet assessed.

Social media reviews about weren’t found. Thus, Learn Information about the Credit Card Frauds to prevent being scammed.


Zalerw reviews of Zalerw’s Shop find that is not legitimate. has a poor Trust Score as well as Business and Alexa Spam Score, Ranking and Phishing, Malware as well as a the Suspicion Profil. Therefore, holds high-security risks for your device, paymentinformation, and personal data. has a limited life time. We don’t recommend transacting through because of the lack of reviews from customers and delivery confirmation. promotes/prefers PayPal payments. Therefore, Learn Information about PayPal scams.

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