This guide shares information about the You Bill Is Paid For March Scam in order to raise awareness.

Verizon Telecom users who live in the United States have probably heard about the new scam. Unsolicited text messages are being sent from a number that people have received. These messages say thank you to the recipient for paying March’s bill. The link claims to offer a gift.

Verizon spokesperson confirmed that Verizon was aware of the phishing scam that targeted many Verizon users. They are actively working with US law enforcers to block these spam emails.

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What is all the Scam about?

Your Bill Is Payed Scam is a new text messaging scam in the United States. Users are receiving spam messages at their own number. People believe that scammers have found new ways to con people. They are hacking into Verizon’s accounts or using spoofing to send spam messages.

It is a fraud in text messaging. Users are receiving spam messages from this scam thanking them for paying the March rental and monthly bills. A link is also included in the message that claims to give a gift. However, it is fraudulent and should be avoided

Scammers Construct March Scam Bills

Scammers are getting smarter as they find new ways to scam people. To send scam SMS messages to Verizon users, they now have access to their phone numbers. Scammers are also hacking into users’ numbers and sending fraudulent text messages by using them. People are now complaining that they are being sent text messages by their own numbers.

The text messages sent out to scam victims are intended to thank them for their March bills. A link is sent along with the text messages. Click it to claim your gift. They will be taken to a website linked to Verizon by clicking the link. The March Scam has begun. To claim the reward or gift, users will need to submit their credentials.

What Do Users Think?

We found that many people used the social media channels and discussion forum to share and discuss their experiences with the entire world after evaluating.

Many people reported this scam because they were repeatedly sent a text message to claim the gift. Some users reported that they were being redirected from Russia to claim the gift.

You Have Been Paid For March Scam This scam has been a problem for many Verizon users and is making people angry. They are requesting that the company take steps to prevent it from happening. You may also read the threads online.


Verizon is a major telecom company in America with millions of users. Scammers are targeting users through text message frauds. Scammers are now using the number of the victim’s phone to send scam SMS messages.

Scammers are sending thanks messages to people who paid the March bill, and asking them to click the link for a gift. Verizon is aware Your bill was paid for March scam. They work closely with US law enforcement agencies to find the source and stop them from happening again. While this issue is being resolved, please refer to How To Protect Yourself From a Scam.

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