Workzone software strives to give you the best experience in project management. Its founder launched it in the 2000s, addressing the shortcomings people mostly face while executing different strategies. Two people, Allan and Rick, came up with the idea of spotting the loopholes in the project management. They created Workzone to address the shortcomings of modern project management software available in the market, which could not adequately serve marketing-related initiatives.

Workzone project management software includes documentation, project cooperation, configurable report, asset and task management, and tracking and reporting, among other features. The web software generates automatically emailed reporting with the most up-to-date status of the project data. WorkZone keeps track of hours spent on tasks, users, projects, and workspaces and then provides this data in various result-oriented reports that can be copied or converted to Excel.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the functions of Workzone software that are ideal for program management. We’ll go through all of the software’s most important features and give you some idea of whether Workzone project management software is the main resource for your requirements. Read the rest if you’d want to see if this solution is appropriate for you.

Workzone Features:

Sleek Dashboard:

The project dashboard in Workzone enables a single view of all initiatives throughout your company. To organize work in a way that sounds plausible for your organization, you can see activities by organization, program, or customer. You may also keep track of compiling processes across the team to ensure that projects stay on pace to finish on time. Workzone makes it simple to see a greater performance at sight, from keeping yourself informed to statuses and prophase. When you’re working on numerous projects at once, getting an amazing view while delving into each one is crucial.

Team Collaboration:

We would like you to be aware of the easy team collaboration feature next on our list. This tool makes it straightforward for you and your coworkers to collaborate on a project. The project can be collaborated on with your coworkers because everyone gains access to the same dashboard and can see how far they’ve progressed on their tasks. You may use this tool to ensure that being on your team would be on the same page. This feature is among the standout benefits of this software because it simplifies the collaboration process for you and your staff to collaborate on the joint project.


The next Workzone software feature we’d like to discuss is the Budgeting tool, which enables improved financial management in your company. The software offers a fantastic financial management tool that establishes all of the income and expenditure into the software, leading to better overall financial planning for your company. The software enables you to budget effectively and keep track of your finances and transactions. Because you can now handle your revenue on your planning phase software, you may eliminate the need for extra financial software, making it handy at a place where you get everything through Workzone.


We feel compelled to mention another fantastic feature of Workzone software is the templates function. This tool allows you to browse through the software’s many templates quickly. Then you can select a template that is appropriate for you and your task management. It saves you time by providing you with a built-in template that you can fill up with your project’s specifics. The software lets edit the templates to make them more personalized for you. It effectively simplifies your work since you can organize a project in minutes.

Customer Support:

Workzone, as previously said, is a significant upgrade above today’s “basic” project management software. As a result, all of their packages include limitless assistance. Monday to Friday, five days a week, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time, the Workzone support services are available by email and phone. The technical emergency staff is available 24 hours, seven days a week. Workzone also offers comprehensive knowledge and understanding, training webinars, video lessons, a FAQ list, and other self-help options. Your consumers will also benefit from the assistance.

Time Tracking:

Another distinguishing feature of this software Workzone includes a time monitoring and management system with every program. Many tools don’t provide all of these features, relying primarily on third-party real-time reporting software connections. So it’s great because it’s something you access irrespective of your package. It’s simple to manage time by customer, activity, and project, whether you choose to keep a record of time and money for users and application pricing or take care of where your team has time passes. You can generate a report to evaluate actual and estimated timeframes in only a few clicks.

Real-time Feedback:

The Workzone software grants access to the real-time feedback function is the last feature we’d like to discuss in this Workzone review. This tool allows you to ensure that everyone on your staff shares the same page but can also communicate efficiently and provide useful feedback to each other. If you or a coworker submits a task, this feature allows us to make comments or suggestions regarding the job easily. Providing feedback is also simpler now than before. Overall, this feature ensures that you will never be in the shadows about just what your staff is up to and that you can rely on them.

Workzone Pricing:

When it comes to Workzone pricing, the tool is priced at around $200, to begin with. The software supports a rising price plan, which means that the more features you wish to access, the more money you’ll have to spend. It helps select the version you need, which aids in cost management since you can select the simulation model you consider buying and thus limit the cost and amount you pay.

Bottom Line:

Now we’ll discuss how you go about selecting software. We recommend reading customer reviews of Workzone. People who have been using the software for a long time can give you a good sense of how it will serve you in the long term and help you decide if it is suited for you.

We are confident that whichever tool you select will be the best option for you. Just be sure the program you purchase has all of the functionality you require.