Wordle is now among the top played and talked about games across the globe..

The game is simple The players are given six chances to determine the five letter secret word that was revealed on the day.

It has drawn a lot of attention from people all over the world since its launch. But, NYT offers a different game called “Spelling Bee” that looks simple, but is difficult to play.

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The public’s reaction Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee is an alternative invented by the NYT to entertain those who become bored or think the Wordle isn’t all that difficult.

As per Sam Ezersky (the creator and editor of the game) One person’s extensive vocabulary can be an advantage for other players.

On Twitter, one user commented”that “this game makes him feel great,” One user said”it’s a great game.” Another said “She discovers new words every day because of spelling bee”.

Many have also said that it’s a great mental workout they’ve begun after the lockdown.

Wordle Spelling Bee Game Wordle Spelling Bee Game

Wordle was developed and created by Josh Wardle in November 2021.

However it was The New York Times purchased and released it on their website, accessible to all in January 2022.

The rules are simple; you need to figure out the daily secret word of five letters within six times.

Every letter you guess will be colored in a way that will guide you to the right word.

Did you enjoy this game? Did you find it easy?

  • Green The letter is correct and is placed in the correct box
  • Yellow Letter is correct, however it is put in a different box
  • Grey The letter “G” isn’t in the word

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What’s an Spelling Bee?

Spelling Bee is one of the five games invented by NYT games.

Rules for the New York Times Spelling Bee for the contest are simple. You get seven letters placed in a honeycomb-like pattern.

  • The players are required to create words with four or more letters. They always put the word in the center or in yellow.
  • A letter can be used more than one time .
  • Once you are able to pronounce the right phrases, you will be able to achieve higher levels.
  • This game can also congratulate you with various compliments, such as “Good start,” “Nice,” and Genius.”
  • Within Wordle Spelling Bee Wordle there’s also a word that has seven letters, and it counts as a big score.

Final Verdict

Our research and findings indicate that the game appears to be appealing and well-designed particularly for mobile phones that have vertical screens.

Other than that, Wordle will eat up less than 5 or 6 minutes your time, while Spelling Bee requires more time and a lot of brainpower, which makes it a bit difficult for certain players.

But unlike Wordle which is available for accessible to everyone on the NYT website, Spelling Bee is only available to those who have signed up for the New York Times.


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