Who wouldn’t want to work on difficult and complicated word puzzles on a daily basis? We are grateful for Josh Wardle, the creator of the popular Wordle for bringing to life the game of puzzles that’s been praised with awe around the world.

The story that was supposed to be designed for his girlfriend, and later released to the general public has attracted immense attention throughout the world? In addition, there are a lot of spin-offs that have popped out too.

In this piece we will elaborate the subject of Wordle New Times 2022 and Josh’s decision on making the Wordle word game available in 2022 to New York Times.

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An Overview of Wordle Game

Wordle can be described as an English crossword puzzle that has become a hit worldwide. It involves players trying to guess five-letter word puzzles in six attempts. In addition, players also receive hints as to whether their guess is right or not by changing the colors on the tile.

The green tile signifies the correct letter. The yellow color indicates the correct letter on the incorrect tile. The gray shade indicates the letter isn’t an element of the word. In addition there is a new word being released each day.

We will go over Wordle New Times 2022 and the reasons Josh Wardle sold the game to New York Times in the forthcoming section.

Josh Wardle selling Wordle to New York Times

The game that is fun to play is recently offered for sale by the creator to the New York Times. In the most recent update, the developer of Wordle has explained the reasons of selling the game to the well-known New York times.

These are the reasons:

  • Josh says as one of his main reasons for selling the game New York times was to be able to avoid the hassle of dealing with clones that were available in different apps stores.
  • He was unsatisfied and was irritated with different copycat versions according to sources.

Wordle New Times 2022 – Latest Puzzle

The game’s puzzle was sold through New York Times, for which Josh Wardle was paid at around $1 million, according to sources. This is why the puzzle appears every day in the New York Times, with no changes in the game’s gameplay.

Additionally, a brand new scrabble game was released on the 30th of March 2022. It was the 284th puzzle. The game wasn’t as complicated or complicated. Furthermore, many people could actually guess the correct answer, and they completed the task in just six attempts.

The most commonly used method by the users is adding vowels, and then trying to placement of the alphabets that are related to them in the other boxes. As per the sources, there is no confusion, the solution to this puzzle is Stove. Wordle New Times 2022 284th and final puzzle, is Stove.

Final Conclusion

Due to the popularity of Wordle numerous versions and spin-offs have gone popular on the internet. This includes Wordle for math nerds, music lovers Wordle for geography, NFB wordle, etc.

The reason behind who created the game to sell it to the New York Times was to keep any duplicate apps from being created. In addition, according to sources that he’s stated that he was not monetizing the application.

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