Do you love engaging in New York Times wordle games? Have you been puzzled by the two contradictory answers to the wordle puzzle of yesterday? If so! We’ll provide explanations and the reasons behind yesterday’s wordle-related bafflement to all world’s wordle lovers in a comprehensive way. This article can help you to understand the fog surrounding wordle bafflement. Wordle Fetus as well as Shine.

The Perplexed Wordle Response

On the 9th of May 2022, the most played wordle game showed two answers to a single puzzle. According to internet sources the first answer for the game, loaded onto the gaming platform Wordle, is “fetus.”. The word”fetus” means an unborn baby that is growing inside the female uterus.

Due to the political turmoil that continues to plague the SCOTUS court, in the US and it was reported that the New York Times changed the wordle response in the form of Fetus to Shine and even acknowledged that the change was made due to the fact that they did not want to upset the feelings of people engaged in the Roe in vs. Wade law issue.

Wordle Answer Fetus or Shine

The answer that was incorrect for the wordle on May 9 is the fetus. However, the new option is Shine. Recent ongoing concerns concerning the denial of women rights to abortion within America United States made the wordle owners alter the answer.

They’ve apologized for their changes, and stated that it would be difficult to alter the answers completely as they were created a year ago within the current version of Wordle technology program. And they didn’t even know about the problem until one year ago. This is why they’ve fed the embryo to the program.

How did it become popular?

The answers to the Wordle puzzle Fetus and Shine are in high demand due to two reasons. It appears that the Wordle team has altered the answers to the puzzle and those who didn’t refresh the game were given 2 answers (fetus or Shine). This was a bit of a mystery for players. However, this isn’t the first time that wordle has been used in history. There were two solutions to a wordle game: Harry Or Stove.

A second reason could be the ongoing controversy of leaks regarding US Supreme Court plans to remove the rights of women to have abortions. The court’s plans to repeal this Roe v. Wade law that gave the sole right of women to abortion.

The Wordle Game

Wordle Fetus and Shine game is available online for no cost. The players will receive different puzzles each day. The word guessing puzzle was designed by a software engineer Josh Wardle, whose rights were recently purchased from New York Times. New York Times.

Players must figure out the answer within six attempts The answer should be a valid word that has the correct meaning. The players are able to guess the answers. With each guess the color of the tile will alter. The green tile shows the answer you chose is the correct answer.


According to the news report, Wordle Fetus or Shine explained the reason and explained the confusion surrounding the answer to the puzzle. However, it’s quite unique to have a wordle game can have either answer is to benefit the populace.

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