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It’s no secret that Wordle is the top word puzzle game that is trending on the web. Are you searching for the solution to Wordle 306? Although the game appears intriguing, the solution to Wordle is more challenging to find.

The game has a massive number of fans across The United Kingdomand the United States. In this post, we’ll provide you with the full details of the Wordle 21st of April answer. Don’t waste time, go through the article below.

Wordle 306 Hints and Answer:

The majority of people have found Wordle 306 difficult to figure out. People with a solid understanding of chemistry could find it simple. Are you eager to find out the solution? However, before we do we get to the answer, let’s look at the clues first.

Below are the clues to Wordle 306:

  • The Word is composed of three vowels.
  • The first letter of the Word begins with ‘O.’
  • The letter that ends the Word is ‘E’.’
  • It’s a mix of oxygen and various elements.

So , the answer for Wordle 21st of Aprilis “HTML1”“OXIDE.”

Wordle Game Details:

As mentioned earlier, Wordle has become the most popular word puzzle game available on the internet. The game has now become an everyday daily habit for everybody since it was first introduced. It has received a lot of positive reviews.

Wordle is a puzzle online game for free to play. The purpose of the game is to give five-letter word that players have to figure out in just six attempts. The game provides a fresh daily set of challenges. day.

The game is simple, but it can be quite challenging to find the solution too. As you will find on Wordle on 21 April several people faced some difficulties to complete the game.

The Gameplay of Wordle:

Below are the steps you must follow before you begin playing:

  • When you first enter the game, you’ll be able to see five boxes and some empty ones left.
  • The players must figure out the secret Word by using clues.
  • After you make your first guess The hue of the letters will change to Green yellow, green, or grey.
  • The game can be played each day.
  • The game also offers the option of sharing the game’s results via social media.

Alternatives of Wordle April 21:

Announcing one of the most awaited spinoffs of Wordle game:

  • AbsurdleIt could also function as an Word puzzle game, but the players have unlimited chances to solve the five-letter puzzle. It is accessible for free.


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The article above provides a full explanation of the wordle 306 answer.answer and the essential information on it. Wordle as well as its gameplay.

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