Are you looking for an online platform created by an established celebrity that focuses on different aspects of mental fitness and health treatment and training? If so, read this informative and useful article until the close.

Since millions of people in across the United Statessuffer from various psychiatric disorders and other mental health problems An online platform offering expert guidance can be very beneficial. Additionally, it’s extremely simple and easy for the majority of people. Read on Wondermind com.

About Wondermind Website

Selena Gomez and two co-founders together created to be an internet-based platform that offers details, advice and treatment options and more. regarding the daily fitness of your mind and overall well-being.

Wondermind platform is designed to build an ecosystem that improves mental health as well as other psychological aspects supervised by experts from the industry who are experts in psychology and other related branches that relate to the brain and mind.

Users of the website get quality content and physical tools that aid in various mental health education. Furthermore, all instructions related to training are available on the website.

Wondermind com

  • Wondermind website sends three newsletters per week to email customers.
  • The newsletters contain top quality and informative information that has been developed in a way that is entertaining.
  • Furthermore they also feature numerous interviews that provide guidance to users regarding mental health.
  • The team of content creators also plans to launch a podcast every week, “MindHit”, featuring candid interviews with prominent and notable people who did well in their specific fields.

Additional Information On

  • The domain name was created on August 8, 2012.
  • The expiration date for the website is 8 August 2023.
  • The age of the domain Wondermind the company has been set at 9 years seven month and 28 days at April 2022.
  • There aren’t any user reviews and ratings via Trustpilot. Trustpilot platform.
  • The website was has been rated with the score of trust of 86 percent.
  • The remarkable trust score indicates the time of the domain as well as the detection of HTTPS protocol.
  • Furthermore, the platform also verified and identified the identity of the owner of the site with respect to name/company postal address, telephone #, email ID and even the country.

About Wondermind Founders

  • Selena Gomez: One of the most well-known actors, philanthropists and entrepreneurs, as well as artists and producers, she has millions of followers and fans across the globe. Discover more about Wondermind the website of Wondermind..
  • Selena Gomez is one of the co-founders who took on the initiative to end the stigmas that surround mental health by launching
  • Mandy Teefey is another co-founder. Additionally she is also Co-CEO at Wondemind.
  • Daniella Pierson is the third co-founder of Wondermind. Alongside that she is also the CEO and the founder of a woman-focused media firm, The Newsette.


Mental health is among the most prevalent issues regardless of gender, age and education and a well-balanced mind is just as vital as a healthy body.

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