This Winaweekender AU blog post talks about the WinaWeekender and the activities that were held with the prizes.

Are you interested to caravanning or camping? Is it possible to win the Weekender Competition? Both questions refer to the WinaWeekender program that has grown in popularity in Australia. The participation process requires that you have a newspaper with a valid code. There are no walk-ins. This game has grown to be a beloved tradition and is very popular over the years.

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What is WinaWeekender exactly?

WinaWeekender offers a way for people to camp and caravan, and eventually win Excalibur Serenity/ Gladiator Force. By downloading a coded form in a newspaper, and then applying that code to the site, you can take part. The competition is open to Australian residents who are over 18 years. The competition is not open to walk-ins. This is to prevent chaos and allow for more people to apply and take part in the competition.

Winaweekender AU Competition 20022 Com is scheduled for the weekend of September 4th through September 5th. It will begin at midnight AEST and end on September 25th, 2022 at 11 :59 AEST. This gives players the opportunity to prove their worth in the game and gives them the motivation to work harder towards their price. Age limits are in place for competitions because participants must be 18 years old to receive the prizes or the caravan. Important to note is that even though you have the code, there are strict rules to follow for registration.

What are the prize details for Winaweekender AU Competition 202 Com

WinaWeekender has gained a lot of fame over the years, as I mentioned. The competition requires a more compelling prize in order to draw people to apply. In this case, there are more than 92 minors to be awarded the prizes.

Chief prize winners get an Excalibur Senity and a Gladiator Force, each valued at $90,000. The minor top champions are awarded a 500-dollar Voucher at G’day Holiday Caravan Park, and Domestic Gaming Pack. These vouchers are distributed in the amounts of 75 and 15 each. The winners of each game will be contacted following the event for the distribution and payment of their prizes. These prizes have made the Winaweekender AU Competition 20022 Com more popular. The competition age limit is eighteen. The event is approximately 20 days long.


WinaWeekender offers great prizes for the winners. It’s a tradition that people look forward each fall. As one must provide a code that was obtained from a qualified paper, the application process should be taken into consideration. For more information on WinaWeekender, please visit this link.