Global Quantum Dominance

We’re living in a golden age of technological advancements. IoT devices are starting to become widely available. Broadband internet connections powered by Cox customer service number are providing comfort and convenience to users. Artificial intelligence and Quantum computing are redefining expectations.  

Any country that can master the latter two technologies will emerge as the undisputed leader of the new world. It is worth mentioning that the United States and China have entered into a competition to see which one achieves Quantum supremacy first. The two countries are already pushing the boundaries with artificial technology.  

Before we explore which of the two sides is making strides into quantum technology, let’s discuss the concept that has intrigued scientists and IT experts since day one.  

What Is Quantum Computing?  

Quantum computing uses the principles of quantum physics to store data and perform computations. Quantum computer is vastly powerful than even the most powerful supercomputers. These extremely sophisticated tools use superposition, interference, and entanglement to perform calculations.  

How Does Quantum Computing Work?  

Quantum computing outperforms classic computers due to its tremendous capabilities. It leverages super tiny particles to perform highly complicated calculations. Even the most powerful supercomputers cannot perform such calculations. Two major applications associated with the technology are computing and cryptography.   

What Are Some of the Major Benefits of Quantum Computing?  

Quantum computing presents a plethora of opportunities for companies and businesses alike. Though the industry is still in its infancy, it has a promising future. Experts predict quantum computing could reach up to $850 billion in value within the next two decades. [source:]

That said here are several advantages quantum computing has over classic computers:  

1. Advanced Cryptography  

Perhaps the biggest advantage associated with quantum computing is that it offers advanced cryptography. Quantum computers can offer much better protection to our digital assets and lives. Moreover, they can decode traditional encryption easily.  

2. Complex Problem Solving  

Quantum computers can solve complex problems and calculations on a larger scale. Because they have higher qubits, they can perform complex calculations faster. This makes them the most powerful computers in the world today. NASA, for example, uses quantum computers to study the universe.  

3. Accurate Forecasting  

There’s no denying that forecasting is extremely important to businesses and companies. Accurate predictions can allow organizations to improve their revenues and even prepare for worst-case scenarios. Quantum computers can predict future events with greater accuracy as opposed to classic computers.  

4. Improving Transportation  

Quantum computing helps companies specializing in the development of driverless technology. Self-driving cars are becoming popular with each passing day. Why? The future is defined by automation, robotics, AI, and quantum computing. Quantum mechanics enables driving companies like Tesla and Volkswagen to optimize traffic flow.  

Where Does Quantum Computing Stand in US-China Tussle?  

The US-China rivalry is arguably the biggest modern-day rivalry between countries. The implications of this rivalry reaching its tipping point are far greater than many perceive. Washington sees China as a far greater threat than Cold War-era rival Russia.  

The two countries continue to demonstrate their military and economic might but have now gone on to include technology in their beef. According to a new report by CNAS, China is investing heavily in quantum technology. The country has already made huge strides into quantum technology development. The report sheds light on how China is ahead of the U.S. when it comes to quantum advancements.  (Source:

How Is China Pursuing its Plans for Quantum Dominance?  

According to the report, Beijing has already outlined a quantum policy. The country’s Communist Party accords high priority to technology and has made several steps to improve it. Also, the private sector is said to be in collusion with the military on quantum technology among many other matters of national interest.  [source:] 

John Costello and Elsa Kania, the report’s authors, say China’s bid to dominate the quantum sphere could affect the strategic and military balance of the world. According to the authors, the country has access to technology that might dwarf the U.S. military tech tools. That could mean big trouble for Washington.  

What Does a Potential ‘SinoQuantum’ Dominancy Mean for the U.S.?  

Mastering quantum technology will allow China to hack into even the most complicated U.S. satellites and software. There’s no denying that the U.S. has one of the most advanced military tech infrastructures in the world. But China could decipher it with quantum tech tools.  

Beijing is pumping huge resources into building its quantum architecture. Washington, on other hand, has yet to make China-like kind commitments to support quantum research and development such as attracting top scientists and industry experts from abroad.  

The report emphasizes the need for the U.S. to dedicate equitable resources to quantum harvest. China has already showcased its military might to the world. It’s just a matter of time before it takes charge of the quantum world.