This Wiki Peter Navarro article is intended to provide current and brief information on Peter Navarro.

Peter Navarro, who are you? What does he do and who is he? Why is this man so famous? You can read the whole article to find out more. He was well-known in Canada as well as the United States. Wiki PeterNavarro has more details about him. Peter was an American economist. He was the assistant of Donald Trump.

He served him for five years. Peter was also an academic at various universities. Read the article for more details about Peter Navarro.

Who was Peter Navarro

Peter Navarro, an economist and an author. We have seen that he worked for Donald Trump for at the very least five years, between April 29, 2017 to January 20, 2020. He was known for being a strong critic of Germany, and China. Peter Navarro, 2022 will provide more information about his life. Peter was born in Cambridge Massachusetts on 15 July 1949. He was a Republican for several decades.

Peter graduated from Tufts University with a BA and Harvard University with a MPA and Ph.D. He was also a White House National Trade Council Director and Deputy Assistant of the President. He advised Trump to implement protectionist trade strategies while he was working with him. He also has worked on the relationship of the United States with Asia. Peter wrote The Policy Game as a Doctoral Student in 1984.

Wiki Peter Navarro Recent News

According to information Navarro was advised by the federal grand court for contempt of Congress after Peter refused a job in the House. Navarro told the court in Washington DC that he would not hire a lawyer and that he would represent himself. He was traveling to Nashville from Washington when he was stopped by the airport. Navarro stated that he could no longer cooperate with Trump since he had claimed executive privilege. Trump now claims Peter has been named his second adviser. He was charged with criminal contempt. His next court appearance takes place on June 17.

Peter Navarro is charged with contempt in Congress.

We’ve read Wiki Peter Navarro and discovered that he worked as a staffer for Donald Trump. Recently, he was charged with contempt of Congress for refusing cooperation in US Capitol riots. He was also charged by misconduct and the prosecutors. He was arrested after refusing documents to be provided for an investigation at the US Capitol in January 2021. All details are from the Internet. We don’t claim to support any one.


American economist Peter Navarro, was an author. As a Doctoral Student, he wrote a book. He worked for Donald Trump, and was charged with contemptuously of Congress. This is because he refused to cooperate with Trump any longer and also refused to provide documents for the US Capitol. Wiki Peter Navarro has some basic information. Click on this link for more information.

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