In the history and development of wars, games and sports, men and women played key roles. However, today we will not discuss men and women who have reached these goals. Today’s article focuses on Lia Thomas who is a transgender and has succeeded despite many protests. People from all over the world, including the United States want to read her story.

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Lia in Headlines:

Lia Thomas works as a swimmer. She is transgender, and has been through a lot to realize her goals. Some people protested her participation in a swimming competition. Despite her calm approach, the protestors had different ideas. But what’s this protest about? Please refer to the following details.

Lia Thomas Swimmer

Lia Thomas, a transgender woman, was recently named the first transgender winner of an NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). She competed in the Women’s section and was eligible for the 500-yards Freestyle title. Thomas was in Pennsylvania’s men’s category some years ago. However, Emma Weyant of Virginia beat Thomas this year. She reached the wall in 4:33.24 after completing the swimming competition. Emma, on the other hand, completed the competition in 4 hours 34 minutes 99. Brooke Forde and Erica Sullivan ranked third.

While she didn’t need to have physical abilities, the competition required her mental strength. Many people protested against her. For more information, please read the following.

Wiki Lia Thomas

Lia Thomas was faced with many obstacles along her journey to reach her goals. She was subject to many opinions. People protested against it because they believed she had extra physical abilities and shouldn’t be allowed to take part in the womens’ category. Protestors gathered outside the venue to protest her participation and held banners calling out “Stand Up 4 Women” “Fair sports, for Girls,” and other slogans. She is mentally and physically strong and focuses on her sport, not much else until she is declared the winner.

Thomas’s statement on the protest

According to Wikipedia Lia Thomas, her statement was that she tried as hard as she could to ignore the protest. She always stayed focused on her swimming. She also shared that she was happy to be able to swim with her two best friend. Protestors had two different aspects. Some of them claimed she had physiological advantage over women and should be denied the right to participate. Some others suggested that she should be allowed to compete as a woman. But God was a different God and she won.


After wrapping up this Wikipedia Lia Thomas article, our research revealed that a transgender person is determined and dedicated to achieving her goals. She ignored all the controversies, and won the race.