Did you hear about the devastating story about the infamous United States-born Bog Saget? Bob Saget was pronounced dead on the 9th of January, 2022 along with his co-stars, and followers have been able to take on the Internet in the same manner.

There is a lack of information about Saget’s family or children. However those coming from Canada or other places are asking questions concerning his relatives and his kids, and especially the wife of his, Kelly Rizzo, who is well-known as a celebrity.

In the present, people want to know about her, which is why the Wiki Kelly Rizzo is a hot topic. So, if you are interested in knowing more about her, read on.

What is Kelly Rizzo?

Kelly Rizzo is a well-known TV host not just due to her being the spouse of Bob Saget but because she is an incredibly popular American journalist, blogger model, and host on TV. She is also the creator of Eat Travel Rock.

The girl was born the 19th of May 1979, in Chicago in the United States to Shanon as well as Santo Rizzo. His father, Shanon Rizzo, is the founder of the Rizzo Realty Group, while her mother, Santo Rizzo, is an agent. Unfortunately, very little information is available regarding her siblings.

You can find additional information about her on her Wikipedia Kelly Rizzo sub-heading.

What are you? Bob Saget?

Bob Saget, born Robert Lane Saget on May 17, 1956, is a well-known stand-up comedian, host of a television show and actor. His comedy album, That’s What I’m Talking about was nominated for a Grammy Award as the The Best Comedy Album.

Bob’s father was a grocery executive, while his mother worked as an administrator at a hospital.

He originally planned to be an ophthalmologist, but later was interested in a career in film and enrolled at Temple University’s film program in response to a suggestion from his teacher.

Bob was married Sherri Kramer (1982-1997) With whom there were three children. Later in 2018, he got married Kelly Rizzo.

Wiki Kelly Rizzo

  • Family: Shanon Rizzo (father), Santo Rizzo (mother), Bob Saget (spouse). There is no information about her siblings or whether or not. She doesn’t have children because she is a close friend with the three daughters of Bob.
  • Qualifications in education The girl graduated from a private school. She then went to at the University of Lowa for graduation.
  • Profession and career By far, Kelly is a well-known journalist Blogger, model, model, TV host. She is the creator of Eat Travel Rock and Dream Town Realty. The magazine named her”the” Travel Queen in 2017 by Modern Luxury’s Michigan Avenue Magazine.

The Bob Saget’s death

According to Wikipedia’s Wiki Kelly Rizzo her husband was declared deceased by the family of his co-stars and friends at 9 January 2022.

Bob Saget was found unresponsive in his Florida hotel room by hotel staff. Police confirmed that they had found no foul play or drugs. But, the exact reason for the death has not been known at this time.

His co-stars, family members, and his fans have taken to Twitter to grieve his loss and share how devastated they were over this tragic incident.

the Final Words

This is all the information available on Wiki Kelly Rizzo..

Bob Sagetwas loved and well-known character across the world. His co-stars praised him as the most loving person they had ever met.