Planning a wedding is a big thing. In fact, the average US wedding now costs $20,000. That’s a colossal amount of money to spend on a day that should be the happiest of your life but usually ends up being one of the most stressful. 

That’s why an increasingly large number of people are choosing to elope and have a destination wedding. You don’t need to do this without loved ones. You can choose one of the most romantic destinations in the world, Tuscany, cover the cost for your loved ones, and still spend less than a traditional wedding at home.

It’s a lot less stressful and is the perfect way to create a wedding you’ll remember forever. 

They Know The Area

One of the best options when choosing a wedding photographer in Tuscany is Duccio Argentini. He’s Italian with a natural passion for everywhere in Italy and a particular love of Tuscany. It’s hard not to love the endless fields of beautiful yellow sunflowers, framed with green vines overflowing with grapes. You can see the potential for another great wine as the sun moves across the cloudless sky, creating an image that deserves to be in a magazine.

This passion for his native country means he knows all the tricks to create stylish, yet individual, photos. But, he’s local, which means he also knows where to get the best shots, even, if that’s off the standard path. 

In short, a local wedding photographer in Tuscany knows the area and can ensure you get the best souvenirs of your special day.

No Last Minute Transport Issues

A local wedding photographer is already in the area. They will know the best spots for photography and check out any special requests you’ve made. But, most importantly, you won’t be let down at the last minute. 

A wedding photographer in Tuscany is already there waiting for you, they can’t miss their flight and if they have car trouble they also have friends who will get them there. 

In short, they can guarantee to be there and fully focused on who matters – you. 

It’s Cheaper!

If you’re flying from the US to Tuscany and you’re bringing your own photographer then that’s an extra flight and hotel cost, alongside their charges and perhaps providing food. 

You don’t have any of these costs if you choose a wedding photographer in Tuscany, there’s just a standard charge for taking pictures at your wedding. 

In short, you’ll save a substantial amount of money. That can help with the cost of your honeymoon!

You’re Already On Honeymoon

If you fly to Tuscany then you’re already on honeymoon before you say ‘I do’. Tuscany is a stunning area, you don’t just need to admire the sunflowers and vines, you can visit some of the most famous cities in the world, including Florence, Siena, and even Pisa. 

A honeymoon can take you across Italy but you’ll find that Tuscany has the cities, countryside, and even the beaches to make any wedding, and subsequent honeymoon, perfect.  

They Have Connections

If you’ve ever planned or tried to plan a wedding or similar event you’ll know that often, what can go wrong will go wrong. If you’re in a foreign country it can be difficult to know where to look for help or how to overcome the language barrier

You don’t need to panic. Your local photographer takes wedding photos all the time. They know who to contact to resolve your issue and make sure your day goes perfectly. 

If you haven’t already started building a relationship with your Tuscany wedding photographer, then it’s time you did.