Engineering colleges and universities have been springing up like mushrooms in India in the past few years. Today, there are more than 10,360 AICTE-approved engineering colleges and universities in the nation. Out of 10,360, Uttarakhand is home to a total of 161 engineering schools with AICTE approval. In fact, engineering colleges in Uttarakhand are renowned for their quality of education, infrastructure, industry connections, and placement records. 

Although you can choose to acquire an engineering education from any college/university in India and abroad, selecting an engineering college in Uttarakhand has many benefits. This blog will discuss the factors that differentiate Uttarakhand engineering schools from the rest of India.

Benefits of doing engineering from Uttarakhand

The benefits of pursuing an engineering course in Uttarakhand are umpteen. So, let’s talk about the advantages of doing a BTech or MTech degree in Uttarakhand engineering school.

  1. Fully credentialed engineering colleges

Uttarakhand has several top-ranked engineering schools with NIRF, AICTE, and UGC accreditation. These engineering schools offer excellent undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs in a focused learning space.

  1. Small class sizes

The class size has a vital role in shaping a student’s future. Experts recommend that smaller class sizes result in more extraordinary achievements among students. Thus, engineering colleges in Uttarakhand have a smaller number of students to provide them with a better learning experience through a fewer faculty-to-student ratio.

  1. Favourable climatic conditions

The weather conditions in Uttarakhand are incredibly favourable for students. Location is crucial in the holistic development of students. Mainly, it is challenging for students to survive in either an extremely hot or cold area to study. Fortunately, the summers in Uttarakhand are not too hot nor the winters too cold. The average temperature in the state capital is 32 degrees Celsius in summers, making it a favourable place to stay and learn.

  1. Affordable fee structure

Although the top government universities are well-regarded for offering the best education at fewer tuition fees, some private engineering colleges in Uttarakhand provide accredited engineering degrees that are at par with the public universities. These private colleges are no less than public educational institutes pertaining to curriculum, faculties, internships, and learning experience at an affordable fee. Interestingly, students also prefer engineering colleges in Uttarakhand as the fee structure is within the budget of many prospective engineers.

  1. Guaranteed placements

The first thing students focus on while choosing a college is its placement record and average offered packages. Surprisingly, students can find several colleges and universities in Uttarakhand that promise guaranteed placement to students. These colleges have industry connections with leading companies to help students get real-world experience via internship programmes.

Over to you

Discover your niche and apply to the college that aligns with your dreams as you have understood the perks of attending an engineering college in Uttarakhand. Making a wise decision regarding a college plays a crucial role in deciding your career path. Keep in mind that all these factors are essential in determining the best engineering school. So, browse now to make a well-informed decision!