It is often found that people who travel frequently tend to miss their family and friends, especially when they travel overseas. This is especially true when traveling for Umrah, as many pilgrims miss their families and feel homesick. Regardless of the challenges, it is critical to remember that Umrah is a journey that brings people closer to God; click here for information on how US citizens can obtain a visa. And although the internet has provided several ways to get connected to your loved ones no matter where you are, such as through e-mail, chat or even skype, there is still no replacement for a telephonic conversation. For most people, if not all, there is always an emotional element attached when you hear the voice of your loved one on the phone. So if you are travelling to the US for business or leisure and wish to stay connected with your loved ones on the phone, then you would want to have a US SIM card

The US is one of the most popular travel destinations worldwide, attracting millions of visitors from all over the world annually. And there is no denying that there is nothing quite like travelling in the US. But do you know how confusing and expensive the US SIM card market is? However, things have improved slightly in recent years, but it is still a far cry from many regions of the world. So it is better to get a SIM card before heading out for your trip to the united states. And here are some benefits of buying an international SIM card for the country you are travelling to; continue reading!

Convenience and Safety

WiFi is everywhere, in your hotel room, restaurants, etc. But what about when you are on the road? Don’t you want to stay connected when moving? Of course, you want! You will be ordering cabs online, finding nearby restaurants or shopping malls in the US, using Google Maps for navigation, and you need a reliable internet connection all day. Meanwhile, connecting to the internet makes travelling in a new country more accessible and safer. Otherwise, if you do not have a data connection, you may get stuck somewhere and cannot call anyone for help.

Best Rates and Service Charges 

If you are on a post-paid plan, your local phone service provider will usually be able to offer you a global phone plan. This enables you to use your mobile phone abroad without swapping out your SIM card or changing your number. This seems to be a great option, but it can be costly. Meanwhile, a SIM is undoubtedly the best option as it saves you from enduring expensive phone calls and returning home with an outrageous phone bill.


When you buy a US SIM card, you will be provided with a number that you can share with your friends, family, and business associates before travelling. As such, you don’t miss any important calls or messages, and this allows them to contact you whenever they want and no matter what time of the day and location you are in. You can also forward your home mobile country details to your international SIM card provider to ensure you are reachable all the time. 

Leisure-based travel accounts for 73.8% of all tourism in America, leaving 26.2% for business and other reasons. So whether you have already booked your vacation or business trip or are planning one, make sure you buy your US-based SIM card to stay connected anytime, anywhere without the hassle and without paying unreasonable phone bills.