Burton On Trent is a post-industrial town in the heart of Staffordshire. It is awash with history, surrounded by beautiful nature, and close to major cities. Keen hikers, anglers, and (perhaps reluctant) commuters are well served by this small town. Here are a few compelling reasons why you should consider moving to Burton On Trent. 


Burton On Trent is located slap-bang in the middle of the country. It is extremely close to Derby, Birmingham, and a short train ride away from London – making it an ideal commuter hub. Burton is served by a high-speed rail line. Trains take around 2 hours to reach London, with roughly 160 trains leaving every day. 


Burton On Trent has a rich and varied history that is clearly evidenced in the streets themselves. If we consider space as the product of coeval experiences – as the geographer Doreen Massey purported – then the spaces created in Burton On Trent bear the evidence of many intertwining journeys openly. 

Perhaps the most celebrated aspect of Burton On Trent’s rich history relates to the brewing of beer. Brewing has been going on in Burton since the 11th Century when Monks brewed beer for their own consumption and to cater to the pilgrims attending the shrine of St Modwen. During the Victorian period, Burton On Trent became the premier brewing town in the United Kingdom. It is, in many ways, perfectly suited to brewing on a mass scale. It is close to waterways, located in the middle of the country, and is surrounded by fertile land for the growing of hops and barley. Head to the National Brewery Centre to gain a deeper understanding of Burton’s beer-centric industrial revolution – and to see some magnificent shire horses. 

Small Town Flavor 

Burton On Trent has lots of history and amenities you might want. It does, however, retain a small-town flavor. While being big enough to not feel claustrophobic, it is small enough to have a sense of community. The town center is extremely compact and easy to get around, with most of the shops located in the Ocatgon Centre and Cooper’s Square, which are right beside two grocery stores. You will find yourself walking far more than driving due to the size of the town. House prices in Burton are notable cheaper than in larger cities or small towns further South. Contact Burton estate agents, Dwellings Estate Agents to have a gander at some of the houses on the market right now. 


Water is the dominating environmental feature of the town. Indeed, Burton On Trent only became an industrial brewing powerhouse after the Trent River was made navigable by boat in the 18th Century. The Trent is an absolutely stunning river. A short walk out of town takes you to some excellent fishing spots and wonderful places to enjoy the bird life. In the middle of town lies the Burton Washlands – a public meadow that contains a diverse variety of plant and animal life. 

The Trent valley – in which Burton is situated – is well known for its beautiful waterways and marshlands.