Every year, it is a rehash of the previous entry with updated rosters and minimal improvements in an effort to keep the community happy. This is done in an effort to keep the community happy. In Madden 22, you shouldn’t anticipate any significant changes and lower demand for cheap Madden 22 UT Coins. Although new features like coordinators and the promise of improved scouting are excellent additions, the game’s lackluster presentation, broken gameplay, terrible soundtrack, and numerous bugs more than make up for them. 

Immediately after installing the game, you will be given the option to play the Super Bowl from the previous year. You take on the role of the Kansas City Chiefs as you compete against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The time limit for each quarter is set to 4 minutes, and the difficulty level is set to All-Madden. The Chiefs were held to -15 passing yards and -3 rushing yards for the entirety of the game, which resulted in my team’s 21-0 victory.

You might be wondering how on earth this is even possible. To put it simply, the offensive and defensive play exploits that were successful in Madden 21 continue to be effective in Madden 22. It seems that the AI is unable to cover the majority of the slant routes. Or, if that isn’t a possibility, you can try a streak with your TE; the success of this play is dependent on how the safety is positioned.

The same 3-4 Bear blitz plays work most of the time on the defensive side of the ball, forcing the quarterback to throw the ball quickly, which either results in an interception or a sack for the defense. Running the ball against these blitz plays while the CPU is in control typically results in a loss of yards for the CPU. Because man coverage is still vulnerable, zone coverage plays are virtually your only option when it comes to providing pass coverage.

A major letdown is a fact that artificial intelligence has not made any progress since the version released the previous year. I’m not sure how significantly the Next Gen Stats Star-Driven AI changes things in the PS5 version, but as far as the PS4 version is concerned, it’s the same as Madden 21. The current iteration of the AI places a strong emphasis on offensive play.

This is a telltale sign of the pattern that EA has established of not focusing on the appropriate things to fix. Instead of focusing on polishing the core mechanics, EA puts focus on introducing new Superstar X abilities, which detract from actual simulation gameplay. Even though you have the option to disable Superstar abilities, I do not believe that they belong in a game that portrays itself as a football simulation. You should save your Superstar abilities for areas like The Yard, which feature a more arcade-inspired mode of gameplay.

Many of Madden’s gameplay issues have their roots in the game’s lack of a physics-based system, which is why Madden 22 continues to rely on pre-recorded animations. The gameplay of Madden has been significantly degraded in this respect ever since the game was remade using the Frostbite engine. Because they are limited to predetermined canned animations, the height, weight, and momentum of characters, in addition to the majority of their skill stats, appear to have no effect on the majority of plays.

In addition to that, a significant number of the touchdown and sideline celebrations have bugs. One aspect of the celebration that sticks out, in particular, is when the quarterback tries to high-five his teammates but they ignore him. The celebration animation from Madden 21 is still broken in Madden 22 despite being fixed in Madden 21.

When compared to the previous year, the game’s graphics have not undergone a significant transformation. It would appear that no effort has been made to improve the dynamics of the weather when it is raining or snowing. The character models have not changed, but some of the athletes’ faces have been scanned in a little differently. The Create-A-Player toolset has been updated with a few new hairstyle options, but overall, it is still not very impressive when compared to the various Create-A-Character builders.

The presentation of Madden 22 Coins is one area that has seen some slight development since the previous installment. The presentation of the pre-game, halftime, and post-game shows is slightly improved over that of Madden 21. In addition, EA has, at last, brought the Super Bowl presentation up to date, which was a long overdue change. The commentary provided by Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis includes a few original lines, but it is highly likely that they will become stale and repetitive after only one season.

EA possesses not only the official NFL license but also the license to broadcast ESPN games. This also includes music that has been officially licensed by ESPN. It would be great if some of that could be incorporated into the Madden series in some way. When it comes to the game’s presentation, EA puts almost no effort into it, as can be seen by looking at ESPN NFL2k5’s halftime show with Chris Berman, which is a game that was released in 2004.

If we continue on this topic, you can anticipate having to mute all of the songs in this year’s Madden soundtrack. I can’t remember the last time I played a Madden game and actually enjoyed the soundtrack. This year is no exception, and the fundamental problem is that there is an extremely narrow range of musical styles represented in the soundtrack.

Since EA is the owner of a billion-dollar franchise like Madden, they undoubtedly have the financial means to acquire the right to use a diverse range of songs from a variety of musical subgenres. Bring back some old favorites like AC/DC, or even delve into the vast landscape of electronic dance music. Or just give us instrumentals that are officially licensed by the NFL or ESPN. Anything would be an improvement over the current options.