Laravel has been at the top of the game for many years as one of the world’s oldest and most popular web development PHP frameworks. 

Nevertheless, no matter how powerful the Laravel framework is and how many fantastic features it has, it’s essential to know that great results come from the Laravel developers as the driving force behind this PHP framework. Therefore, it’s more than important to visit a site like this one,, and find the top Laravel developers all across the globe who can help you grow fast. 

Of course, there are many options on the global market, but which are the primary reasons that make Laravel stand out from the crowd? That’s what we are going to find out here, but first, let’s see a little bit of the history behind this PHP framework. 

The Beginnings of Laravel

This PHP web framework is free and open-source, but who created Laravel? Taylor Otwell made it, and it is based on Symfony, while its intention is to develop web apps with the model-view-controller architectural pattern. 

The source code is licensed under the terms of the MIT License, and it is hosted on GitHub. The Laravel modular packaging system has various ways of accessing relational databases, app deployment and maintenance, and much more. 

Its journey started back in June 2011, and its last stable release, Laravel 9.2.1, was in April 2022. Therefore, Laravel has been part of the global market for a long time, hence the massive Laravel online community.

Still, why Laravel is so popular? Well, there are many reasons, and in this article, we will address the essential ones, so let’s begin.  

Blade – The Templating Engine

Many tasks require a template engine because it can be highly beneficial as a tool for handling large amounts of data in web applications. 

And Laravel has this advantage because of the Blade templating engine that is highly effective and lightweight. It can help Laravel developers in a meaningful manner since Blade makes the whole process a lot more accessible and powerful with its fantastic layouts. In addition, Laravel Blade allows data display, but it also provides using layouts without harming the application’s performance and speed, which is highly important. That’s how the developer can create excellent layouts using the maximum capabilities of content seeding. 

Also, it has a structure that can create and view a file with statements and conditional loops, and your developer will use the master template to build a simple yet effective layout that will allow the advantage to be extended by other files. 

The MVC Architecture

Another reason why Laravel is one of the leading PHP frameworks worldwide is because of its MVC architectural pattern, and it is easy to use while it offers an extremely convenient way to build various types of apps. Therefore, web artisans can manage enormous projects even though they can be highly challenging. 

In addition, MVC can make the coding structure much simpler, which makes the entire process a lot more effective and easier. This aspect is precious since, in most cases, there can be a lot of unstructured code on large projects. Also, the developer has the MVC support that makes it easier to control the process of how the application appears in reality, and they can find files in logical directories. 

Impressive Application Testing Features

The best Laravel-built applications are so robust and effective because of Laravel’s impressive app testing features. This PHP framework has a specific set of features that provide an excellent way to perform unit tests on both mobile and web applications. Testing is a huge part of the application development process; without it, nothing would be possible. 

Furthermore, Laravel runs multiple unit tests at the same time; therefore, one can be certain that all changes are tested in the proper way. The unit tests are a lot better because the process is more straightforward for the Laravel developers. Also, a skilled and experienced Laravel developer has the chance to make the app extremely effective and bug-free. 

The Eloquent ORM Provides Easy Database Interaction

The Eloquent ORM makes the Laravel PHP framework the only accurate one that delivers an easy way of customizing and building models for enhancing the performance of each application easily. 

Even more, the Eloquent ORM provides the developers with the opportunity to maintain an effective and easy interaction with the app’s database object by using eloquent syntax. Your top-rated Laravel developers will have the chance to perform database queries with a simple yet efficient PHP syntax, making these ORM tools one of the best.  

Because of this advantage, your developers won’t have to spend an extensive amount of time writing complex code in SQL, and we all know that time is crucial when it comes to development.  

Fantastic Packaging System

Last on the list but equally essential, Laravel has a fantastic packaging system. This aspect helps the web applications automate the process, and it has a composer that manages the whole information necessary to manage packages.  

Also, having such packages is an excellent way to accelerate the process and deliver functionality on a whole other level. The tech industry is changing all the time, and its improvement with new features requires the usage of the best tools in order to be at the top of the game. But Laravel delivers every time and has excellent packages such as Laravel Debug bar, IDE helper, etc. This goes to show that its packaging system options are highly valuable for every developer that choses Laravel, and the same goes for you once you hire some of the best developers on the global market. 

And we have come to the end of our journey, but now you know why Laravel is the best choice for your business today and in the future. The only thing left to do is to hire top-rated Laravel developers, so now is the time to start the process!