This article answers Why Is Juul Banned. The post also discusses the dangers of vaping, and the health implications it can have.

You may have heard about the United States ban on e-cigarettes. Is there a reason this was done? We’ll show you why the government is banning Juul. People were concerned about vaping becoming addictive and causing various lung conditions. Juul was available as a variety of flavours, and the young generation was hooked on the product. Why is Juul Banned Answered in this article

Ban On The Products

After the American Health Association cited that Juul’s ecigarettes had adverse effects on their bodies, the FDA is ready to ban Juul. Numerous people have lost their life since the introduction of the product. This is because so many people, especially young ones, started vaping. The company was also blamed in large part for the rise of vaping among young people. Many lawsuits were brought against the company over inducing customers buy their products. This lead to widespread addiction.

Why Juul Is Being Banned

Juul entered the market in 2015. The company sold approximately 2.2million devices the following year. In 2018, the company had a market share at 75%. These numbers clearly show that the company managed impress people with its products. They also made a profit selling flavoured cigarettes. When people realized the dangers associated with vaping, they took steps back. The lawsuit against the company forced them to withdraw their products, leading to a decrease in the market share.

Viewpoints from Why Has Juul Been Banned.

Juul was banned from the market by the FDA after it took extreme measures. This is evident. People addicted to vaping opposed the decision. Those aware of the harmful effects supported the team. Juul has been subject to thousands of lawsuits in the US, and doctors blame vaping for the rise in lung disease. Juul is more dangerous than other brands that sell vaping cigarettes. The FDA plans to Ban Juul E Cigarettes as quickly as possible.

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Final Verdict

E-cigarettes look like traditional cigarettes. They have the same flavours as the original cigarettes. But, due to the high nicotine content, they can pose a danger to your health. These can lead to serious health conditions. After the rule proposal is made, the FDA will inform all concerned. We have answered the question “Why is Juul banned?”

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