This article will tell readers Why is Dave Portnoy Banned from NFL, and the disturbing relationship between Dave Portnoy (NFL) and Dave.

Who doesn’t want to know more about the most powerful Pro-sports Man? Roger Goodell is the name everyone knows about the NFL. The United States are especially interested in Roger Goodell.

Recently, Roger Goodell was testified before the Congress committee to answer questions about his workplace culture. In between, one congressman asked him about Why Was Dave Portnoy Banned from NFL? Let’s get to the point.

Who is David Portnoy? Why was he banned from the Internet?

David Scott Portnoy from the USA is an internet celebrity blogger. He is also the creator of Barstool Sports, a blog about sports and pop culture. You will also see him reviewing other items online, such as pillows, pizzas and more.

He is known for being unapologetic and straight-forward in his approach to any topic. But, many people have criticized his blogs for making insensitive comments toward women and certain situations.

Roger Goodell is in highlights. First in 2015 when he was protesting Deflategate with his coworkers and handcuffed one another on the ground. Second in 2019, when Portnoy attempted to attend the NFL game through fake passes.

Anyone can answer that Dave Portnoy arose from numerous problems with the NFL during the past few years. Portnoy also claims that Roger stopped his one on-one meeting in 2020 with Roger Goodell. Portnoy won this chance in a charity sale.

Why Was Dave Portnoy Banned by the NFL?

Roger Goodell addressed the congress committee Wednesday with questions about various topics related to the place’s work environment. Jim Jordan took Roger to another side and asked about Dave Portnoy.

Jim Jordan asked Roger if Roger was aware of freedom of speech, and Roger responded with Yes. Roger was then asked about why David Portnoy has been banned. He is both a journalist as well as a Sports journalist. Roger said, He didn’t know of this issue and will share his findings with his team.

Why Was Dave Portnoy Banned from NFL Games?

Roger was denied by the committee. Jim Jordan explained to Roger that Dave interviewed President Donald Trump. If he’s able to go into the White House, he will also be able access the stadiums.

They aren’t ready to accept Rogers answer as a chief body of game. Dave has also made numerous accusations about Roger. In them, he calls Roger Hitler, a lie, and a cheat. He stated that Roger was a pure monarch, who isn’t interested in any changes to his ways.


Why Was Dave Portnoy Banned from NFL is an easy question. It doesn’t require any detailed answers as tensions can clearly be seen between Dave and NFL . Roger’s open statements to Dave on the media tell a story that does not need narration.

Roger is a prominent figure in the NFL. The committee is not happy with Roger’s half-baked answer. He must consent to everything.

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