Why is Boris Johnson Being Ousted shares an update on the current political crisis which is growing with every passing day in the United Kingdom.

Boris Johnson is running out time as the British Prime Minister. A scandal involving the deputy chief whip of the government has led his party members to vote against the United Kingdom Premier. The ongoing political crisis in England has sparked a lot interest from the United States.

Boris Johnson’s ministry has seen a rise in resignations recently. It appears that things are going to get more difficult for him in the coming days. Why is Boris Johnson Being Ousted This story has all the facts, so make sure to read it until the end.

Political Crisis in Britain:

On Tuesday, two additional cabinet members resigned to deepen the crisis within the current government. The resignations of the Health secretary and the Chancellor from the Boris government were made within ten minutes.

The current government was already facing many problems, but Chris Pincher’s recent misconduct has only made things worse. Following further allegations of wrongdoing by former deputy chief whip, 40 ministers representing the conservative party resigned.

Why is Boris Johnson being fired?

Conservative party members feel that Boris Johnson is not handling the Chris Pincher misconduct scandal. Downing Street responded by saying that Pincer misconduct was not known to Johnson at the time of his appointment.

Some correspondents stated that the Prime Minster was informed of his misconduct by foreign ministry staff. Downing Street later corrected its position, stating that he “forgot the incident at the moment of appointment.”

Why is Boris Johnson Being Ousted believes it will prove difficult for the Prime Minister of his country to keep his position as Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson Takes on Current Crisis:

Boris Johnson has been worsened by a series resignations and open rebellion from lawmakers. While the Prime Minister admits that Chris Picher’s appointment is a mistake, he refuses resignation. He believes that the people gave him the mandate in the last election to lead the country, and he must fulfill his duties for the duration of the term.

Why is Boris Johnson Being Expelled On the Chances of Resignation by Premier

The Prime Minister feels he must keep the post and steer through the storm. The Premier should also be advised by the Health Secretary and Chancellor, who were appointed last week to advise him to resign due to increased chances of a second confidence votes.

A number of polls suggest that the popularity of Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, has declined in recent years. 69% voted for Boris Johnson to be ousted.

Final Verdict:

With every passing day , the support for Boris Johnson has fallen as his party members are turning against him. Why is Boris Johnson Being Ousted believes, despite the odds against him and all that is happening in Britain, it’s up to the people to decide their future leader. Comment section: People are invited to voice their opinions on the current political crisis in Britain.