Jews celebrate the Shabbat eve every week and therefore, the ritual of celebrating this day is an important part of Jewish culture. On this day, Jews cut the challah and eat that with friends and family members. Eating challah is a momentous Jewish tradition that has been continuedfor thousands of years. To cut the challah, Jews use special sterling challah knives. For this reason, you will definitely find these knives in every Jewish family.

Sterling Challah Knives:

Sterling challah knives have a unique impression due to their design and involvement of serrated blades. These knives are prepared of silver. The challah knives offer two unique characteristics, such as- a) these knives are efficient and easy to cut the challah, and b) the aesthetic value of these knives is admirable. Manufacturers really focus on designing the knives so that they look beautiful and royal. Manufacturers also consider the ease and comfort of using the knives for the cutting challah. In online stores, sterling challah knives are available in different designs. 

Serrated Blade:

Challah knives do not encompass straight-edged blades, instead, these knives have serrated blades. The serrated blade looks like a series of teeth-like structures. These prominent and sharp teeth give an impression of a jaw of a shark. The distance between two teeth differs depending on the manufacturers’ taste. Different distances between two teeth create different shapes, such as the “U” series or “V” series. 

Because of the sharp serrated points, the challah knives can easily cut different things, specifically challah. The serrated blade helps to cut the upper edge of the challah and make perfect slices efficiently and easily.

The Usage:

The main use of the sterling challah knives is to cut bread or challah. While it is difficult for you to cut the challah with a straight-edged blade, a challah knife’s serrated blade can easily cut the bread into different pieces. These knives are also efficiently usable for cutting many other things that have hard upper surfaces.

How to Purchase Sterling Challah Knives?

When it comes to purchasing a sterling challah knife, the best way to do that is by visiting online stores. You will find numerous types of challah knives with different designs in online stores. However, you should check the reputation and customer rating of the stores in order to decide on the credibility of a particular online store. You can also compare the price and available designs of different stores. 

Online shopping is also convenient to see plentiful designs of challah knives without physically visiting the stores. You can easily visit the websites of different online stores by using your smartphone or computer and place orders. Online stores also offer convenient payment processes, such as paying through credit and debit cards. These stores also receive the return of faulty products.

Apart from the Shabbat celebration, you may need the challah knives for different purposes. You can even gift these knives to your relatives and friends. So, visit the online stores and purchase the beautiful challah knives.