Why did Jason and Hartley split? All of their fans want to know why they split after just a few months. After their relationship blossomed into something beautiful, the two stars of Hollywood’s United States broke up.

This post explains why Jason and Chrishell Hartley broke up. The couple also made their first public appearance together on August 2021’s red carpet.

Reasons for dissolution

Chrishell Stause broke up with Jason. She wants their children to be part of her relationship. Jason, however, is not ready for the children. He still loves her so deeply but is not ready for them to be together. With respect for each others’ decisions, they announced their separation in December 2021.

Justin Hartley is an American actor. She was also in a relationship with her. In January 2021, she divorced him. Why Did Chrishell Hartley Get Divorced , reason why they divorced has not been made public. They are both unhappy with their companies. She stated in an interview that she had never treated him like he treated her.

Breakup update till April 2022

Jason spoke with him in an exclusive interview. He said that he was still trying to get over his relationship with Stause. Although it is difficult, he explained that he doesn’t look forward to the next relationship.

American media covered the interview Why did Jason and Chrishell hartley break up after they posted their moments on Instagram. They had shared them on Instagram after going on vacation together with the Selling Sunset cast.

Chrishell and Chrishell spoke in an exclusive interview about having children by themselves without the help of a partner. She is still looking for someone to start her family with. She added that her romantic relationship with Jason was one she loved and that they were both proud of each other. We made great efforts to enter this relationship and it ended respectfully.

Relationship Journey prior to What caused Jason and Chrishell Hartley to break up

Their romantic relationship began in 2021. They spent most of their time together on social media during “The Selling Sunset”. After sharing their relationship in July 2021 they shared photographs that showed their happy times together. The situation has changed over the years.


Research has shown that if we look at it from an emotion perspective, there is no way to end someone’s feelings in a relationship. It is just a connection that they shared and experienced moments. Their split in a relationship raises the question Why did Chrishell Hartley and Jason break up.