Are you looking forward to some spoilers? While we might not allow the dog to come out of the house and ruin your binge-watching experience but we will certainly inform you some of what you can be looking forward to in the Eternals streaming on the internet today.

The Eternals which are playing in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Canada has been able to make everyone Marvel fans thrilled. The best part is that you can watch the show from your own home.

In this article we present to you the answer to the question: Why did Ikaris murder himself?

What is Eternals?

In the meantime, before we go forward with revealing the spoilers and our readers with the Eternals in actuality? Eternal could also refer to a part of the Marvels that is believed to possess more strength contrasted with the Avengers. They are here to protect the world from the darkness.

The Eternals is directed by Chloe Zhao, who also received Oscar’s award. In the next few sections we will shed some light on What caused Ikaris kill himself?

What Does the Trailer Show?

The trailer starts with Dane’s character questioning what the reason why Eternals weren’t involved in the event that Thanos snapped half of the universe. They respond that they appeared on the planet just 7700 years ago to safeguard humanity from the dangers of the Deviants.

The trailer also demonstrates what the Eternals are more powerful than the Avengers as well as the galaxy’s Guardians. So, the fans would like to know the reason for Ikaris dying. We conducted extensive research and provide you with the truth.

What is the reason Ikaris kill himself ?

According to information from sources, the movie shows the process by which Sersi along with the Eternals learn how they came to be placed upon Earth by the Celestial Arishem. But, they also assisted in the creation of a brand New celestial following Thanos had snatched half of the world’s population.

While the other Eternals are working in order to stop Emergence, Ikaris reveals to that she was aware of Emergence hundreds of years before. In the final battle Ikaris wins over Sersi but does not contemplate their relationship.

In the end, the reason why Ikaris The reason Ikaris killed himself is a matter of being motivated by guilt. It is yet to be determined what he does to himself, and if the Eternals are able to prevent the Emergence from occurring.

Another thrilling series from Marvel can be watched to viewers via Netflix’s OTT platform. It is yet to be determined whether it will garner the same popularity as the Avengers.

Final Conclusive

Ikaris who is revealed to remain committed to the Arishem during all of his mission as well as fight to stop his fellow Eternals in stopping the Emergence and commits suicide at the final. The reason for this is believed by some to be guilt.

But, Why Did Ikaris kill himself and what is the real motive for his guilt are something that you need to see the whole film. Are you interested in knowing more?