There are many festivals that are celebrated across the globe throughout the year because of the growing immigrant populations and globalization in the nations. That is why some celebrations aren’t indigenous to the region but they still get being celebrated in a huge way.

People from the United Stateswant to be aware of who celebrates Three Kings Day ?

What is Three Kings Day?

Three Kings Day also known as Dia de Los Reyes is an Christian celebration that is usually celebrated on the 6th of January to commemorate the return of three wise men who came to Bethlehem to meet the newborn Jesus.

The origins of the holiday from Spain as well as Latin America dates back to the 16th century. Although it’s been around for centuries, many urban legends are associated with the celebration’s beginnings. Many believe that children get gifts from King Melchior because he gave the baby Jesus gold, while others say King Balthazar gave the gift of frankincense. The tradition of gifting candy and toys is rooted in the legend that explains the origins of this holiday.

Who Celebrates Three Kings Day ?

Three Kings Day is one of the most popular celebrations throughout Latin America. Three Kings Day means that it is a day of celebration for children.

Three Kings Day, also called Epiphany is a holy holiday that is celebrated across Spain in Spain and Latin America. It is a day of celebration which commemorates the visit of three wise men to the baby Jesus Christ on his birthday. This Christian celebration is celebrated widely across Latin America, as we all are aware. It is celebrated across Central as well as South America, but it is a part of Spain. There are other European states have also added it to their a part of their Christmas traditions.

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What do you celebrate Three Kings Day celebrated?

It is a day of gifts and gatherings those who want to recreate the joyful moment that the three kings walked into the room with frankincense, gold, and myrrh to bless baby Jesus.

In the traditional way, Spanish families open up their homes and invite their family members to participate in the celebrations of Three Kings Day. There are families who offer traditional food to guests like bacalao (codfish) and the roscon de Reyes (a kind made of sweet bread).

We hope that by reading the Who is Three Kings Day article, you’ve gained something about the holiday. Different places have this holiday is celebrated differently. For instance in Georgia it is referred to as Theophany. This day of celebration is celebrated because many are of the belief that, on that day Jesus was born as God.


Every festival has a story of the reason for its celebration and what it means. Easterners celebrate on this date as the day of the baptism of Jesus. The same day is celebrated in certain locations at different times such as the 1st of January or on the 19th.