The winter event began within Fortnite’s Chapter 3, giving access to a variety of new items and new challenges for players from all over the world. The Winterfest event lets players take on a variety of quests and tasks which reward players with massive XP to can help them complete the season’s one Battle Pass quickly.

Fans from Canada, the United States, Canada as well as Canada, and United Kingdom are attracted by the winter festival and its rewards, specifically those who play the Snowball Launcher. Since it’s not accessible all over the world, here’s the guide to the best places to get Snowball Launcher Fortnite..

What is Snowball Launcher in Fortnite?

The Snowball Launcher is the exploding weapon used during Fortnite’s seasonal events. The weapon was first introduced in Season 2 and is available at events like the Winterfest Event or other selected winter events.

The Snowball Launcher is a custom variant to Grenade Launcher with the exotic version dubbed Big Chill. Big Chill. The name suggests that the launcher launches the snowball, which is affected by gravity. It explodes once it strikes the ground, causing massive destruction to the enemies and structures that go upon it.

The snowballs also explode in close proximity to the target.

Where to Find Snowball Launcher Fortnite – The Location!

Snowball Launchers are one of the few weapon that is only available at Winterfest Event. It can be found in treasure chests, and players can get it through the loot on the floor.

The weapon is the form of a rare chest treasure. Certain players must find the weapon in the game’s map. Sgt Winter also distributes the Snowball launcher from the back of his truck.

According to the directions of the second phase in the Winterfest quest, players have to take on 50 or more damage with the Snowball Launcher.

These are some tips on How to locate Snowball launcher in Fortnite. But there is an issue with the launcher. That is its speed, which is slower than the other weapons available in the game. Furthermore it is also a bit sluggish. Snowball Launcher lacks the required bounce, so players must aim with precision before they trigger the launcher.

Where to Find the Chest for the Snowball Launcher?

It is evident that the snowball launcher a rare weapon within the treasure chest players try to locate it in the game map. Players must find the treasure chests within the regions where there are lots of houses and other structures. However, there is no guarantee that treasure chests found in these areas are full of snowball launchers.

There isn’t a specific place where to find the snowball launcher Fortnite as well as the chest of treasure. Players must search for the treasure chests.

Another option is to look up the way other players have found the treasure chest, or the snowball launcher to ensure that you can find it yourself.


Since the the Snowball Launcher is the only and only weapon available that gamers can use, they want to get an experience of the launcher when playing. However, it is important to be aware that it’s an uncommon weapon that can only be found in treasure chests or in floor loot.

There are a few suggestions about where to find Snowball launcher for Fortnite that you should follow to make sure you launch your launcher is in your game in the Winterfest Event.