For more information about the latest update to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 and the place for the monster Klombos Read The location of the monster within Fortnite in depth.

Are you are a Fortnite player who keeps on top of everything that is connected to the game, then this article is for your needs. It provides information about a recent update brought by the epic games of Charter 3 from season 1.

Fans of Fortnite who reside in both the United States and those in the United Kingdom must be aware that the 3rd chapter of the season kicked in on December 5, 2021. The latest update has introduced the monster back to the game. To be aware of where the monster is in Fortnite continue reading this post until the conclusion.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1:

The season 8 finale of chapter 2 is finished, while a brand new theme is now in place for chapter 3 in season 1. The latest chapter is beginning with a brand new theme and players will be able to unravel the island by using the battle pass and other tools.

The new chapter started with the players floating through the sea and pointing toward the island that was the focal point of all activities in the first season.

The players also received a brand new map in season one , with the most recent additions, such as 7 bunkers, and 7 sanctuary. The latest update introduces the Monster. where is that Monster on Fortnite is vital for all players.

Fortnite latest updates of Chapter 3

The most recent update of chapter 3 of season 1 has added various new items since some of the items from previous seasons were replaced with new items. The most intriguing feature added to the game is the monster Klombos which is a huge creature with a huge tail.

Like most players been expecting that the island’s snow has been melting, and the great ancient Tilted Tower has started to erupt on it. Tilted Tower is from the earlier model of Tilted Tower that has been brought back to the players.

Klombos is an amiable animal and players can benefit from Klombos to gain benefits.

What is the monster on the map in Fortnite?

The most crucial thing for the player to do is discover the exact location of the monster. Because with no clue it is a challenge to locate it.

All possible locations for Klombos are provided below for players.

  • Klombos is a possibility to be found in The Daily Bugle.
  • It is possible to find it on and around the Floaties boat.
  • The creature was found in the direction west of Tilted Tower.
  • The players can check out the northeast area of Camp Cuddles.
  • Find Klombos to the northwestern part of the Logjam Lumberyard.
  • The monster is located in the area between Coney Crossword and Tumbledown Temple.
  • The Monster is located in Fortnite suggests players examine Joneses.

There are certain places where players will find the creature in the latest update. Klomberries are the weak point of this creature and players can make use of them to subdue the monster.

The final verdict

Klombos can be utilized by players in numerous ways, but they should be educated about the creature. Klombos is an adorable and sweet monster however, it can also be violent. Therefore, players should be careful not to provoke the monster.