Where can you study as a network engineer? What are some good recommendations for learning a network engineer?  A network engineer is a technical position with a relatively high threshold. Therefore, a network engineer is still very popular no matter where he goes, so there are many people who want to learn a network engineer to find a better job or get more salary. So where can you study as a network engineer? What are some good recommendations for learning a network engineer? We will give you some suggestions today.

Network engineer-related courses: What courses are available for Cisco Huawei Certified learning network engineers? There are many types of network engineers. If you want to participate in training, you can choose related courses such as Cisco certification and Huawei certification. These two certifications are manufacturer certifications, which are highly recognized in the IT industry and if can be obtained at the expert level CCIE and HCIE are better, they are a good stepping stone to find a good job, and the salary is also very impressive. After getting the certificate, you can work in government agencies, financial companies and other Party A institutions, as well as in integrators, companies related to agents, and also companies like Cisco and Huawei.

Red Hat linux certification In addition, you can also participate in training related to the Red Hat certification. This course is mainly about Linux. People who are interested in this area can focus on it. After graduation, you can become an operation and maintenance engineer. The occupation classification is mainly for servers. , cloud computing, big data/DB, artificial intelligence, system integration, etc.

Java and Python training In addition, Java and Python are also programming languages ​​that many people are familiar with. Java can be regarded as a top programming language in the world, and Java engineers have great prospects for development. They can work in development, testing, product, and implementation positions and sales staff, etc. In terms of Python, with the development of big data and artificial intelligence, the development momentum of Python is relatively obvious now. After learning Python, you can do system operation and maintenance, graphics processing, mathematical processing, text processing, web development, multimedia applications and web crawlers, artificial intelligence, data science analysis, data visualization, and more.

Learning network engineers, choose SPOTO! After knowing which courses can be learned, then where to study is also a problem. You must know that there are many training institutions related to network engineers on the market, and finding a reliable training institution is more conducive to your own learning. How to choose a reliable training institution, SPOTO has talked about the main points of selection before, the most intuitive is to look at the pass rate. Because Red Hat certification, Huawei certification, Cisco certification, etc. all have corresponding exams, if the expert level is the exam such as CCIE, HCIE, and the pass rate of students is high, then it is more trustworthy.

Of course, another good reference is the evaluation of students who have studied in the corresponding institution. If the praise rate is high and the word of mouth is relatively good, then it is also more trustworthy. In addition, you can also find out your feelings by listening to the trial lessons, and see if the teacher’s teaching marks do not meet your expectations, etc. Not to mention the faculty, school experience, etc.

So, no matter in terms of the pass rate or the reputation of the students, SPOTO is a very good choice. The IE pass rate of more than 90% is a good proof, so there are friends who want to learn network engineers, we SPOTO is waiting for you!