Are you expecting? Your pregnancy symptoms may appear slowly. They may appear a week or two weeks after or before the day you have missed your period. Some of the symptoms of pregnancy include frequent urination, nausea, breast tenderness, and fatigue. Along with mood swings, pregnant women may experience other symptoms such as bloating, spotting, constipation and cramping. These symptoms may not show up in some women. 

But if you miss your period, check with your doctor to know what has caused it. While some people have pregnancy symptoms right away, others may go months without experiencing any. The pregnancy symptoms appear in women due to the rise in the pregnancy hormones in your body. As pregnancy test kits are available everywhere, pick one for yourself from a good brand to know whether you are pregnant or not. 

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What are the early signs of pregnancy?

  • Missed Period: You might also miss your period due to some underlying health conditions. But the missed period is the first sign that the majority of pregnant women experience. If you are irregular or don’t keep track of your cycle, other symptoms could be your first indication that you are pregnant.
  • Fatigue: If you started to feel tired often all of a sudden, pregnancy can be a reason for it. The increased levels of progesterone may be a reason for pregnancy fatigue. However, the exact cause for it is unknown. The morning sickness and frequent urination can also make you feel more tired. 

Once you enter your second trimester, you will start feeling better. In fact, you might feel more energetic in your second trimester. You may experience fatigue sometimes due to an increase in your baby’s weight and other discomforts during pregnancy.

  • Sore Breasts: Sensitive, enlarged breasts brought on by increased hormone levels are a typical early pregnancy sign. It could feel like your breasts are more tender and swollen than they were prior to your period. Once your baby adjusts to the hormonal changes during your first trimester, the discomfort which you are experiencing will slowly vanish.
  • Nausea: The majority of women experience morning sickness during the first trimester. You can experience this pregnancy-related nausea during the night, noon, and morning. Food aversions, indigestion, excess saliva, and enhanced smelling sense are all possible symptoms of pregnancy nausea.
  • Spotting: Implantation bleeding may be the cause of mild spotting if you start noticing it around the time of your period. The fertilized egg may have settled into your uterus’ lining, which can be a reason for it. Only 1 in 4 women experience this symptom. If you experience this symptom very often, you must contact your doctor immediately. Bleeding can sometimes indicate miscarriage too. Hence, you must be very careful.

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