Three years after Windows 11, the next major Windows version is due to be released. This will be in 2024. There is not much information at the moment about this version. Microsoft may not reveal any additional details for a while. Based on previous release patterns, Windows 12 could be released in the fall. This timing is not guaranteed and it is possible for the release date to change.

Microsoft also denied reports that it was working on Windows 12. Microsoft has denied reports that it was working on Windows 12. This could indicate that the company is keeping their plans secret and that Windows 12 may be announced as a new release. Windows 12 is still in beta and there are not many details about it. It notes that Microsoft could release more information as the release date nears.

Windows 12 Requirements

To install Windows 12, you will need Windows 12 installed on your computer. For Windows 12, you will need an Intel or AMD i5 processor with a minimum of 1 GHz clock speed, minimum 4GB RAM and 256 GB or more hard disk storage, 13 Inches HD screen, stable internet connection, Secure Boot Enabled system, and TPM enabled system. These are the minimum requirements. However, a computer with higher specifications will enhance your Windows 12 experience. You will be able to upgrade your computer if your PC doesn’t meet the Windows 12 requirements before the update is available. A stable internet connection is essential to enable smooth installation.

Windows 12 Features

Although Microsoft has not confirmed Windows 12’s existence, there have been hints and leaks that suggest the company is developing a new version. Windows Insider users have received new features and prototypes in recent builds, particularly in the Dev channel. These include different visual treatments for search functions in the Taskbar. Satya Nadella presented a new UI prototype at the Microsoft Ignite 2022 conference. It features a floating taskbar and a status bar. This is believed to be one of the design options that will be in Windows 12. This new interface will make Windows 12 easier to use for touch input, keyboard interaction, and mouse movement.

Microsoft has also begun the process of separating the “Immersive shell” and File Explorer from the desktop. Microsoft internally is testing a completely reimagined Edge browser as part of project “Phoenix”. It features a new UI/UX, tab management features, a Tab Activity Center and integration with similar features to Digital Wellbeing/Screen Time. Microsoft is expected to launch the Phoenix version Edge with Windows 12.

Microsoft has made a significant investment in OpenAI and it is likely that Windows 12 will incorporate many OpenAI tools. The integration of OpenAI tools into Microsoft Teams has been underway. Users can expect to see meaningful AI features in many Microsoft apps, such as Bing. ChatGPT will power Bing in the future.

Although Microsoft has not confirmed Windows 12’s existence, there are plenty of hints and leaks that suggest the company is currently working on a new version. The document highlights several features that Windows 12 will include, including a new user interface and decoupling of desktops, as well as integration of OpenAI tools.

Windows 12: Will it be available?

Microsoft is working on Windows 12, which will include many new features. Only a select number of computers will be able install Windows 12, which is expected to be released in 2023. Surface Laptops will be the first to get Windows 12 updates. These laptops are designed by Microsoft. The beta version of Windows 12 is expected to be available in March 2023. By the middle of next, the full version for all configurations will be available. Microsoft will make it easy for users to download the Windows 12 Update directly from their computers. This content also contains information on the minimum system requirements to run Windows 12.